Being A Hippie Isn't A Bad Thing

Today at school, my Environmental Science teacher spent the whole class ragging on hippies (of all teachers!). She was completely wrong, and it was very offensive. She was making them out to be terrible people, calling them lazy slobs. She needs to understand that "not showering" does NOT make a person a hippie. Yes, it's common for hippies to let their natural hair grow, but that doesn't mean they don't shave because they are lazy! She had all the wrong information and was trying to teach that to her students. I was outraged. Sorry, just venting.
pristinewinterwinds pristinewinterwinds
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I consider myself to be modern day hippy. I make my own body products, because I don't chemicals I don't know, going into my body (deodorant, soaps). I grew my hair long because I'm poor :-) still happy, we make mocks for shoes. Hoping to go solar one day. Lazy some days who isn't!

I always thought a hippie was someone who was into peace and love and a non- or at least low-consumerist approach to life.