Evolution of a Hippie

 It took some time for me to realize this, but I am a modern Hippie.  Let's see,  I am an IT industry drop out who only got there by accident.  I took a job as a tech writer to pay my way through graduate school.  But, as an industry that does not always value writing and documentation might be expected to do, I was transformed into a geek as soon as it became known that I could solve problems too.  Anyway, I've been out of that business for nine years now.  I went into the green building business and organic farming and currently it's just farming.  I'm living mostly off savings and the good will of others, but I'm following a life long dream.  Sound hippie like, working for the love of the work, being one with nature and caring for the environment.  I don't do drugs, unless you count making and consuming organic pear cider drug use.  I do have long hair though, and embrace a more liberal flavor of politics.  Sound hippie like?  I don't live on a commune, but I do live with someone I'm not related to who helps support me, and sometimes we take in other long term guests following their dreams.  During warm days you may find me working the farm nude -- it's comfortable and reduces my consumption... no clothes to wash, no water wasted, no need for airconditioning.  Do I sound like a hippie?  just a few years ago, I would never identify myself as a hippie, but today I can say, "Yes, maybee!"



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Kudos! I applaud both you and your lifestyle and heartily endorse what you are doing, and hope for much better success for you in the future, i.e., so you'll be self-supporting and not dependent on others. I think we would find that we have many beliefs in common. <br />
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I myself wish I was doing much better. My career - in SW development - went into the toilet about ten years ago and I lost my home in foreclosure. Eventually I "visited" my parents, both in their eighties, and it turned into a permanent live-in situation. I am now 59. Dad had made remarks about the condition of his arteries, and said he wanted to see me "before it was too late," and as it turned out, he died from a stroke a year after I arrived. Mom is 90 and still going surprisingly strong, she seems more like a person in her early seventies and even her voice sounds like that of a 40-year-old. But even though she drives she is frail and her mind is slowly fading, so the family is thankful she has someone to be around for her, particularly since she lives on a farm they bought out here in the sticks twenty miles from the nearest small town that passes for our metropolitan area. <br />
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I try to pursue my goal of self-teaching graduate study in chemical engineering and in some respects I've made very impressive progress, but I am severely hampered by emotional problems, right now the most prominent being a very severe addiction to ***********. Out here in the sticks in red neck country I don't know how to find a support group, and professional help would be expensive and, if past experience is any guide, of dubious benefit. <br />
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So, living as I am on a modest inheritance without any major responsibilities I think of myself as pretty much a hippy. I don't mind being a hippy, what I hate is being near-useless because of my **** addiction. I have a number of realistic, meaningful goals that would be beneficial to humanity I want to pursue, but my addiction leaves little time for anything. I frankly feel like such an *******. <br />
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OK, I didn't mean to burden you with my confession but I seem to have gone on a tear and it turned out that way. I hope it's not too much of an imposition.<br />
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That said, I think we have a lot of ideals in common and maybe a correspondence between us might be mutually beneficial.

Pear Cider! Yumm! Awesome story. I hope someday I get to live like that. Jus doing what I love. :)

I guess Open Source is the most counts...