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I think is perfectly acceptable to say that you are a modest person; provided that you are.  You are simply being honest.  However, I do find the logo to be inappropriate for this group unless some one created this group to be rude.

I think there are many ways in which a person can be modest.  A person can be modest in the way they dress and still be fashionable.  A person can behave modestly by not bragging and by being selfless.  I am not saying that we should allow others to take advange of our kindness and generocity.  We all definately need a backbone and established boundaries.  But its important to think of others before ourselves.  This is one lesson I really hope my kids learn from me.  Too many people today are so wrapped up in themselves they seem to borderline on an narcistic personality disorder.

I would like to see people get back to the basics.  Stop buying kids "things" and take them to an orchard for the day.  Stop telling kids that they are the best at everything.  No one is and no one can be.  Make children earn their rewards instead of giving away trophies for everything.  I think this is they way to get modesty back in our society.   But that is just my two cents.  I am no sociologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist....I am just a mom.

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Good for you CC!<br />
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That is the my parents were. They were like. Oh, you want that....GET A JOB! I had a paper route when I was 10. I had to get up a 4:30 am on Saturday and Sundays to deliver the papers....do you know how hard that is for a little kid to do? All the papers had to be delivered BEFORE 6 am.

We go to orchards and farms all the time...more so when they were little, but we still go. We do all kinds of things that don't involve much money or material 'things'.<br />
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As far as eating whole foods, Iam fully on board. The strange thing is that if most people were to read labels of the food they eat and do a bit of research, they would find themselves questioning everything. If I eat processed food (like a hot pocket, which I don't eat, but if I were to..) I always find myself contemplating how much REAL nutrition is in it and is not fabricated or chemicalized (I KNOW this is not a word) or added. When you eat fruits and vegetables, beans, rice etc., you know you are eating FOOD with nutrients, with nothing added and nothing taken away. <br />
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My kids give me a hard time. They think it's "old age" that has me acting more and more peculiar, but I think it's just a desire to eat healthy and educating myself on the ways of food processing. It is a real turn off. I am pretty much a vegetarian. Actually I just don't eat red meat. I don't eat canned foods, except the occasional beans if I don't feel like cooking whole beans, and I NEVER eat processed foods like frozen dinners. I can't do it. I eat natural cheese and yogurt and every once in a while chicken or turkey, provided I am able to get it from a local farmer (you folks should try this, because the difference in fresh, natural raised meat compared to what you buy commercially is night and day). I also buy meat that I cook for my kids from a local farmer, and they say that the difference is AMAZING. I am certain they will never be able to eat supermarket store meat. I cook relatively healthy for my kids, but I don't expect the same standards from them.<br />
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My kids don't call me mean anymore...they used to. Now they have jobs so if they want something I won't buy, they can spend their own money on it! HA~fat chance they will spend THEIR money, so, in the end, I win and they eat healthy. (=

We have so many were we live; I cannot imagine not taking them. I like them to see were we get our food. Im kind of part of the "slow food" movement; meaning I make as much as I can from scratch. <br />
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We visit organic dairy farms. We even saw a calf being born. Unfortunately, with as much as milk and cheese as we go through, I cannot afford to buy organic. This is one of their FAVORITE places to visit.<br />
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I do get my eggs from a local farmer. So we get a variety of hen or duck eggs; depending on who is laying. We have visited that farm too and the kids even got to collect our eggs. Its even less expensive than getting eggs from the supermarket.<br />
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(Im frequently tell my kids I'm a "meanie" because I wont buy them this or that or because I tell them no - and I mean it.) They just look at me and they dare not say a word.

Fantastic, I enjoyed reading this greatly :D<br />
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Sounds like you're a brilliant mom. Not many in this day and age take their children out to places like orchards, which is really kind of sad. :(