She Is The Sunshine Of My Life.

She brightens every day of my life with her beautiful smile.
She is a joy when she helps me in the kitchen.
She makes her bed like a pro and keeps her floor nice and clean.
She is always happy to have her nightly shower.
Her smile warms even the coldest of winters.
She is fun and very competitive when we play the Wii, Connect 4, Uno, or any game I dare challenger her in.
She great in school and makes her teacher's and myself proud.
She is loving and very nurturing to her brothers and myself.
She makes me proud.
Because she is beautiful.

ichooselife ichooselife
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Great Work .... that's a beautiful poem !

Oh she is! Thank you! She drives me crazy at times however. She is my shadow 24/7. :D Its so sweet!

She sounds very sweet ICL, I am happy for you. :)