In Need!!!!

Hi i'm Robyn
I'm looking for a nice mommy to take care of me maybe for a few hours or maybe for the weekend or maybe longer......I am a very good toddler and i'm still in diapers but i only wet my diapers cuz i've learned to go to the bathroom for the other thing i don't dirty my diapers any more.
I still like my binky and my baba and like wearing cute things and this is the best part i can be your toddler/baby boy/girl,your daughter,your sister,your BGF,or what ever you would like all you have to do is write me....we can chat,email,text just to get to know one another and then maybe meet and we could go out to you babysitting me.
So you know i'm 5'8" about 175-180 and feel very much like role playing as a toddler in diapers and being with a good mommy or babysitter if this is you,write me back or email me at hope to hear from someone soon......i hope!!!!!
Robynlynn Robynlynn
41-45, M
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I am new to this and looking for a mommy to teach me how to be a baby of any age you like. I live in Texas. IF not you can you help me find someone

hello. my name is mich aka abmichy. I am a kind and loving straight and monogamous blind ab boy. I am seeking a kind and loving mommy to baby me and cair for me and have a long term relationship with me. I have a lot of love to give the right mommy. I am 5 6 tall with red hair, brown eyes, way 245 lbs and live in north eastern Ontario Canada. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs and have no kids. I am seeking a kind and loving mommy who is the same way please. I don't work do to beaing blind and so I have a lot of free time on my hands for this kind of a relationship. I am in to lactation, breastfeeding, the abdl lifestile and beaing a good sub ab boy. I am not in to pane, pay for play, fwb, or one night stands. please if any mommy's are interested then feel free to check out my profile hear or on fetlife. my name on fetlife is abmichy.

me poopy


We can b sisters

Ok that would be neat two girls in diapers and plastic pants:)

Me need a mommy

Well me too we can both look :)

Robyn tell me r u a good girl or a bad one

my name is Amanda and i would love to be your mommy

hello, I"m an adult baby and would love to chat, message me skype is cute0baby0boy and yahoo is all0around0good0guy

I would like that diaper buddys??

sure, I would love too

Not many replies - it would help if you said where you were in the world ?

Right sorry about that my bad......i live in Mohave Valley,AZ.but if you looked at my profile you would know that so i guess not many do......i do i want to know who i'm talking to.....

Thanks - Yes but I just thought if you put where you ae in the main message you would have more of a chance of geting interested parties to reply

Thanks big guy sorry if it sounded bad.....,thanks for the help!!!!
Love and Hugs Robyn(the toddler one)

hi my name is Amanda and i would love to be your mommy

Hi Amanda, i\'m Robyn and love to be a 4yr. old toddler you would like to watch me??, like for a day,night or maybe a weekend??

how about 24/7

You mean all the time?? 365/24/7 :)

if u want but first tell me r u a good girl or a sometimes bad one

All toddlers make boo boos but i\'m a good girl. ...are you a good Mommy??

yes oh and i\'m going to go buy you a present

Like?? Oh it\'s a present and you can\'t tell me right :(

exactly and if ur very good ill take u out for icecream

I\'m good and love ice cream :)

by the way i just spend $10,000 to buy you a purebred dog and kitty

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