Forced Into Pampers

When I was 7 years old I had to stay with my grand parents for two months in Queens,N.Y. after my parents house was caught on fire in a different part of Queens.My parents are African American but my grand parents were a interracial couple.My grand father my father's father was black a World War 2 Veteran who met and married his second wife a tall exotic German woman named Kathy.So after the fire in our home in Queens my father had to find a temporary place for me and my older brother to stay until he found a new home for us because my my and father were seperated and getting a divorce,therefore I ended up living with my Aunt kathy and my aunt who was 14 at the time and my aunt was biracial as a result of my grand parents having a child together.I would spend the weekend with my real mother in the house that caught on fire in Queens as it was being repaired and I would spend Mon-Fri with my grand parents.My grand father would drive me across town to elementary school and I was in 3rd grade at the time but i was still 7 because I started school early do to my birth this time I would pee in the bed at night but staying with my real mother on the weekends or may'be some time during the week depending on school breaks she would simply change my bed sheets but my aunt Kathy this sexy 6'0"tall German slim Goddess would threaten to put me in pampers not diapers but pampers if I continued to wet the couch that I slept on in the guest room of there house.My aunt kathy was strict,firm,warm yet nurturing and she wouldn't let my aunt nor me out of the house to play with the others kids outside it seemed as if we always had to stay in the house with her.Years later I found out and this is way after I left that my aunt Kathy has arranged it to where all of the windows in the house were mirror tinted that is...She could only see out and nobody in the outside could see in!Now even though she would threaten to put pampers on me if I didn't stop peeing in bed at night when I slept I didn't pay it too much mind,I really didn't taker her to serious and at school along with all the other black kids my peers at the time we had formed tought school yard gangs so we had to be tough,we couldn't be a sissy or nothing.After spending about 2 or 3 weeks with my grand parents during the early morning hours on a Friday Morning I once again wet the couch in the guest room and I remember on this weekend instead of staying with my real mother I spent the weekend with my father new girlfriend a Jamaican woman who later went on to become my step mother.I had a lot of fun because my stepmother lived in Brooklyn and i was allowed to play with the other kids as I was allowed to when I stay with my real mother unlike being stuck with aunt Kathy for days at a time.Before the school week my father took me back to my grand parents house and I was in for a surprise my aunt Kathy is what we called her even though she was more to be considered a grand mother had told me that I wet the bed and now I have to wear diapers....I rememeber that night because as a rule before we went to bed at night we had to bath and Aunt kathy would help me bath in bubble baths yet in still I dreaded the moment of truth to where she would break my little tough guy spirit.i dried off and went into the guest room and there in the corner were a new pack of pampers and my aunt Kathy told me to lay on my back.Then my step mother from jamaica entered the room to watch for some reason now instead of my grand Mother giving me the dignity at least in my mind to put these diapers(pampers) on by myself which I wouldn't have if she didn't force me to
she instead instructed me to lay on my back as if I was a newborn a infant or may'be a toddler.Her being this sexy tall German Amazon towering over me I couldn't fight her so layed on my back.As she pulled out these fresh soft cushiony pampers I started to cry and my step mother had a smirk on her face as she stood next to my grand mother and then my Aunt Kathy(Grand Mother) told me to lift my bottom this way it would make it easier to put them on and I was stuck,there was nothing I could do,Here I have these two women standing over me taking my young tough cityboy pride forcing me into diapers and all i could do was cry...And cry like what????A little baby which my grand mother had proved at that moment.So I lifted up my bottom and on comfortably they went and she took her pretty white hands and strapped them on and i cried as if a doctor had just delivered me in the delivery room of a hospital as if I just came out the womb.In a sense I was reborn...they both then walked out of the room and I remember what my grand mother did and that is what any true mother would do.....She turned off the light and allowed me to cry myself to sleep like a good little black baby is supposed to do when a mother is being a mother.The next day that Monday was the new start to a school week and when i walked into my class with my gang members i felt different,I mean I was not the same kid...I felt like a sucker!To make things worst after I became used to my aunt Kathy putting diapers on me every night she then had me where a bib at meal time because I had a tendency to drop food on my shirts leaving stains and then the ultiamte experince took place....She threaten me with a wooden spoon when she found urine drops on the the toilet bowl because I didn't ahve to wear pampers during the day only at nights before I slept but now when i think about it when i look thru the sole of her white eyes I can tell she wanted me to wear diapers all day long but she knew my grand father would have become suspicious is she wanted that.Then after the 2 months stay and my father finding a new house for us to live in she didn't want to let me go back to my father it was as if she thought I was actually her son.I will tell you this as a grown black man today I thank my aunt Kathy for solidifying my manhood,I am proud to say that I am heterosexual and from that experience alone growing up around a nurturing protecting woman I know how to treat and appreciate women.I have no respect for homesexual advances directed towards me.I love women and there power and they are the Queens of this earth.There's nothing like a woman!If there are any women looking for a son hit me up at jmratedr9@yahoo
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if you like you can force me to be your baby and take it all out on me

great story