I Am Mommy To A Sissy Adult Baby

Being the Mommy of an adult sissy baby has given me a lot of joy and provided me with endless discovery of who this little sissy baby is!

In just a short time I have learned so much about what makes my little Dawn “tick” and why she “ticks” the way she does!

The majority of the answers can be found within her actual childhood where, for many reasons and like so many other adult babies I’ve talked to; she became stunted emotionally and never truly ‘matured’.

Now, I do not want to confuse things here…I said emotionally. Physically and mentally she progressed perfectly well and outside of the fact that she is a baby girl trapped in a man’s body, she has managed to be successful in many areas of her life as an adult male. But this is not who Dawn is; Dawn is a small child, a baby girl who, as I discovered early on, had many emotional needs and attachments that showed me she was very little indeed.

Dawn needs to be in diapers as much as possible and so I decided that it was time for Mommy to take control and told Dawn that from that once her new life began, she would be in diapers and plastic panties 24/7. Putting Dawn into diapers and plastic panties is just the first step. There are many more to go…
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I fully understand dawn and know you have given her great relief. I understand dawn because I am just like her and for very much the same reasons. My mommie also sensed what was hidden so deeply inside and has encouraged it to grow to the point that i am now and forever her very happy and content sissy baby. It is the most wonderful relationship i have ever experienced in my life. it's as if she found the combinnation that unlocked a door to a hidden room in my soul where I was locked away and miserable.

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