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Occupying the 9th place in Chinese zodiac sign, the monkey sign people possess intelligence, imaginative, humorous, curious, sneaky and clever. The people falling under the monkey zodiac sign seems to be very jolly and witty to make amusable pranks. They will be active in performing work with full of energy. According to free Chinese horoscope 2012 prediction, this year will bring the tranquilly and serenity in your life so that you can fix the mistakes of past year calmly. You just have to be what you are and don’t try to pretend what you are not exactly. The love Chinese horoscope 2012 for monkey accentuates on harboring the relationship and bonding between the love partners. This year they will get abundant support from their loved ones. Usually, monkeys are supposed to be compatible with Rat and Dragon while incompatible with Snake and Horse.
The Chinese horoscope 2012 reveals that this year you will head towards new moves and begin new ventures to make your career. They have innate quality to obtain given task within the time period. The five metals of environment earth, sky, water, fire, and wood would help you to explore new opportunities to get succeed in your life. Almost all your efforts will be fructified this year but keep on your hard work because sometimes you get depressed as per Chinese horoscope 2012.

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