Do I Have A Split Personality

I think i have a split personality because one minute i can be as sweet as sugar as my mum used to say then the next i turn into an evil demonic freak all i can think about is killing people and pain is this normal or should i go seek professional help because it scares me coz i have hurt the people i love the most and it is always them who i hurt.

unwrittensuicide unwrittensuicide
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

It is not normal and you already know that. Evil and good cannot exist together. See where the evil is coming from. If you realize it's not really coming from you then you might have a spirit attached to you. Just think about for a second... Those thoughts that come to you for no reason at all .. That compultion to do something really unsavory for no reason at all. Where is if coming from? If you know you didn't think of it then you got a problem and you are not alone.

Pain like this is always felt with a lot of people, and they find the strength to pull through so dont feel alone. If we all feel this pain, we are all in this together. Depression, the constant feeling of hurt is hard to leave behind, especially if the start was from childhood. I suggest you go see help or find a way to distract your thoughts from getting too violent. I support you and Ill be here if you ever want to talk.

I think you should just mature a little... ! Look around you...See how the rest of the world acts... normal people who have jobs... raise families, try to put their kids through college... we are all trying to lead reasonable lives.... you are simply to self absorbed....But you are young and have no real responsibility... you can afford to live this way ... when you have to be more responsible... you'll see how quickly this type of thinking will leave you, and you'll grow up.