I'll never call myself creative because i feel like then that will put pressure on me to always deliver. i've never been able to create on demand. but i have days where something amazing will come out of me, and then like magic it disappears. i fought that a lot until just the other day i figured it out. it's a mood thing. lol. i don't really have a need to be exceptionally and consistently creative in my work (when i find some), but i find myself inclined to experiment that way sometimes. that won't make me a conventional therapist and i like that. personally as well. there will be days where i can draw emotions and experiences from somewhere colourful inside me and put that all in a journal for days and days. and then also go through a drought where nothing affects me. nothing inspires me. nothing comes out of me. so i'm going to stop comparing myself to other people who have that stuff within them all the time. at times i really wish i was like that. but i am trying to tolerate myself a lot more now. and this is just another weird thing about myself i have to tolerate...and no that doesn't make me bipolar. bf.
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Mar 6, 2010