Read That In A Story.. Credit To That Person :d

I like to know how my friends are.
I want to know if they're okay.
I'd love to see a positive mood for all my friends.
I try to help them reach one.
If they're sad, I'd rather know that than not to.

I also like to see why they are that way.

This story seems so chill and serene.
I feel like I'd be talking in a calm, cool voice.
Why won't it stop?
Turbulence Turbulence
18-21, M
4 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I think that's my sign of damage! =O

Nah, it'll come back, I've laughed today too..still no signs of damage from all that laughing..

Heh.. I think I've laughed until I can't! Dx

You're chiiiiilll today haha