I Changed The Avatar 4 This Group ;)

Okay so before i remove this experience from my top groups ((just cuz i feel like changing them))  i thought i would write a story 4 it =) YES iam a VERY moody person anybody who REALLy knows me knows that my mood can change in a "snap of the fingers" lol idk why but thats how i always been..some ppl say i act "bi-polar" @ times but  screw them i dont believe in labels and i once heard my brother once say i had a multiple personality disorder..BUT thats back when i was on drugs SO my "moodieness" was even worst then..ANYWAYS lol its not none of those things im just moody && i dont mind it ;) even though it may bug others OH WELL lol i feel things deeply && DUH its guna effect my mood :/ i believe in astrology..im a cancer && were known to be moody :)
lostgirl408 lostgirl408
22-25, F
Jul 15, 2011