People Are Animals

People are animals. Unless you train them they **** and crap all over themselves. If people are inherently "good," why do you have to teach small children "right and wrong?" If they were born with a "good" soul they should already know not to steal and perform selfish acts. This shows that morality is a concept made up by society. Evil doesn't exist in the real world. The concept of "evil" and getting rid of undesirables is a process of evolution. By placing people in jail we prevent them from procreating and spreading their selfish genes. In time, the number of self-centered ******** will diminish and society will be even more efficient.
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2 Responses May 3, 2012

There is no right and wrong. If a man steals a car, its neither moral or immoral. Its simply a man stealing a car. Since seculars have already destroyed religious morality, I'll just pick apart secular morality. Seculars definition of something moral is: something that increases happiness, health, or well-being or diminishes pain and suffering or it does both. Seculars definition of immoral is: something that increases pain and suffering, or diminishes happiness, health, or well-being.
So lets think about a murderer for a second. A man murders a someone. A secular would claim this is an immoral act. They say this because this act decreased the victim's happiness, health, and well-being, and increased his pain and suffering. But what about the murderer's experience? His happiness, health, and well-being increased and his pain and suffering decreased. So shouldn't murderer's experience and the victim's experience cancel each other out? Shouldn't it be considered amoral? The same could be say for the rest of secular morality.

Is it ironic then that overpopulation may be a contributing cause of our destruction?