I Believe So...

I've came so far in my life. It was hard work, but I am a more complete of a person than I ever was before. I defeated depression! The last time I went through life depression free, was age 11 and under. And I'm now age 28 (only living depression free since late June 2008)... so that's a lot of years to be "living" in deep and crippling darkness. :-/

I don't EVER want to go back to that negative and destructive black pit. I can breath now and live a constructive and positive life. I now have my friends and my sister, cheering me on! Before, it was just my sister alone. But most of all... I have myself cheering me on too! :-D

Yes, there are still a few issues to work out. But, I have the strength to face them and try my best! So different than what I use to be... the old me, would have never tried and just sat there in that darkness... accepting it. But, I somehow had made the first step... and with support, I'm making more steps... and I plan to keep stepping! Until I've danced all over this world. ;-)

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

That's great that you've defeated depression. It's a hard one. I was diagnosed among other things with major depression in my 20's. Then it was another term for someone whose mainly depressed and then has 'normal' periods. the diagnoses kept changing. Now, it's anxiety disorder. These are words used by the psychological world. I consider them normal responses to horrific experiences. I've worked very hard my entire life to over come road blocks and now have periods where I'mm joy filled, but, i do go backwards when life's circumstances like poverty set in since I'm not working and depend on people who aren't dependable. I live in Texas and in Texas they barely have any social services and keep cutting and cutting them. It's hard to feel hopeful when one can't get one's basic needs met. If you have your health and can work, meet your needs then working on the emotional side of life is a lot easier and is definitely workable. There are a lot of tools out there for help . Good for you and keep up the good work. Velvetflow.

Awsome, you have made great steps toward taking care of yourself. I'm so glad you are successful in defeating your depression. Do you have an underlying mental illness or clinical depression?

Thats the way I was in the winter! I dont want to go back either!