Not Been Easy, But So Proud!!

I met someone when i had just turned 16 and was pregnant a month later. I didnt really believe it at first as i was so young. I thought about abortion but i could not bring myself to do it. I continued with the pregnancy and was in my last year in school. I sat my exams at 7 months pregnant then i left to have my baby. I gave birth naturally to a very healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy a week before my due date. I couldnt believe what had just happend, one minute i had a huge belly, the next minute i was holding a child i was going to have for the rest of my life!! I struggled to begin with at getting my head round not being able to go out like i used to and doing the things i wanted to do, but with amazing help from my parents i was able to do those things in moderation but not as much as i wanted to. The relationship i had with the father was very up and down. He was 9 years older than me, already had 4 kids to 2 different women so it was never going to be easy. The relationship ended when my son was 18 months old and i met someone else quite quickly. I have 3 children with him, 4 in total and are still together. I am 27 now and my eldest son is nearly 11. It has definately not been easy but i am so proud of him as i am with all my children. I am also kind of proud of myself for managing at such a young age to bring up a baby as its not easy for any teenager to do. Thanx for reading. X X X
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thats ok I was a mum at the age of 16 and have never regretted one single moment the onley thing that I didnt like was when my daughter started school I got all these stares from other mums as I was so young I took it all in my stride I loved being a mum at such a young age I didnt have a social life as she was my life and if I went anywhere she would come along to movies and shopping I went on to have 3 more children now I was a young nanny also at the age of 40 i have 3 other grandchildren now as well <br />
I think if you have children when your young its great as they are part of your generation my daughter loves the same music and other things as I did