I Rock Out To My Favorite Radio Station

I noticed I am a lot younger than most parents in the neighborhood that have a 9 year old child like I do. Its a small isolated community though my son's school has only 20 students. It's kinda funny how the other parents look at me in the morning when i take my boy to the bus stop. I  show  up with my coffee or my soda and blasting my favorite radio station and Its like 7.20 in the morning. My son is always like mom your cool you listen to 94.7 and you like to play video games. I think its neat to be a modern mama. 

Anasela Anasela
22-25, F
7 Responses Mar 1, 2010

You sound like you have your head on right and your little guy can be proud of you for sure ;-)

Ok, so you really are cool! Keep on keeping on, my daughter doesn't like my music, but she totally digs that I don't act my age! I'm kinda the direct opposite, older but still remember when I was in her shoes, go with yourself!!!!

I became a mother at age 13 with twin sons. From there I have had an additional two children during my high school years. I got married at 16 and 9 months pregnant. I got married three days before baby #3 arrived. Also, I had a baby at 18 and graduating from high school. During my adult female life I have had an additional 13 children. I am 44 years old now and a great mom and love kids. I know you love your kids too.

Wow your a super mommy! God bless you it must have been quite a journey.

I got pregnant as a senior in HS and love being the young mom. It was really difficult at first but I wouldnt trade it for the world.

adopt me ;p

Yeah I agree a lot of my stories sound kind of funny. I am learning diabled but I know a lot about life and what I talk about makes sense. Thanks 4 ur input.

yeah I totally agree It is fun to be a mother. I have two kids my son Caleb he is 9 and my daughter Monique she is 4 and a half so this year she will be starting Kindergarden. Something to look forward to shes a bright little girl.