I Became A Mother At 17

I had my first child at the age of 17. At the time I had no idea what I was doing. I was sure that I was doing everything wrong. Being a mother that young means that everyone feels the need to tell you how you should raise your child. I have a cousin who is 9 months older than me. She had her daughter a year before I had my son and even she felt it necessary to give me advice. It use to drive me crazy. Every piece advice was different from the last and some didn't make any sense at all. I tried to follow as much as I could.  Still I felt like I was doing everything wrong. Someone always had a better way to do everything I did. When my son was 9 months old her was diagnosed with a tumor on his testicle, It was easily removed and fortunately benign, but it scared the hell out of me. It was at that moment that I stopped listening to all that advice, No one had any advice when I really needed it. I had never been more terrified in my life. I still cry when I think about it because I can't imagine not having my son in my life.  He just turned eleven  years old. Most people don't even believe he is my son. He is the sweetest boy in the whole world.

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You definitely don't look like you could be the mother of an 11 year old! <br />
I can't imagine how scary that would have been, and I applaud you for sticking with it and learning as you went. Not every parent is that determined to be a good parent. Thanks for sharing the experience!