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That's all right now, but in Sept. of 2008 I'll become a wife and (hopefully) within a year or two of that, a mother.  I'm really excited about having kids (I hope to have 3), but I'm also nervous that I'm going to mess them up!  I guess that's probably most parents' fear.  I'm also a little scared about getting married, because my fiance and I are not very well off financially right now, but we want a house and all as soon as possible - he believes that living in apts. is a waste of money, and I mostly agree.  I would really like to get a house, but I'm not sure how we'll afford it right off the bat.  I guess we'll see what happens!
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You will be fine. Just keep communication open and try to work on all of your fears and anything you are trying to accomplish as a team. Don't stress how good you will do, if you do your best that will be good enough. The only important opinion is that of you and your husband what everyone else says or thinks is optional for you to listen too. remember that.

Good Luck with everything. At least the housing prices are going down :-)