Sometimes I Get So Busy, That I Forget The Little Things. And Then I Hear A Voice Saying "Watch Me Mama"!
See me when my eyes light with pride, when I give you a gift I have made myself.
See me when I look at you as you're reading me a book.
See me try to understand when you take the time to explain things to me.
See me melt when you use a funny voice to coax a grin out of me when I don't want to.
See the hurt in my eyes when you scold me...even when I know I did wrong.
See the gladness in my eyes, and feel my arms wrap around you when I am forgiven.
See me giving my all, even though you know I won't succeed.
See the gratefulness in my eyes when you help me succeed.
See me growing. That's why my pants are too short; not because I'm trying to inconvenience you.
See me when I'm peaceful, and quiet while I sleep, and boisterous and carefree and joyful when I am running.
See me when I tear up a little when we say goodbye... and how I wish you'd stay when we say goodnight.

See me for what I am. Just a little boy beneath the grass-stained pants and pouty lip. A child who has many needs, a heart full of love, who desperately wants to be the light of your life... just like you are the light of mine.

I see you Baby.... I see you. ;)
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
Aug 23, 2014