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When I was 19 I got prego (2005). After dreaming since I was really little of being a mom, I was overjoyed to say the least. It was sunday, I was going to the dr monday to conferm my calculation of 5w6d. At about 3am I woke to horrible pain in my abdomin. Thinking it was just my stomach acting up as always, I went to the bathroom. Only blood came out, with a gush. I had to face reality...I had just miscarried my little one.
Though I didnt know the sex medically, I knew my little one was a boy. I named him Jamie William Darmos.
Jamie, because Ive always loved that name for a boy. William, after my Grandpa (dads dad). And Darmos, after my other grandfather (his last name). I didnt give my son my last name because Ive always hated it, and I wasnt going to name him after his father because shorly after I miscarried his dad started raping me, since I was to depressed to do it with him.

Since Jamie left me Ive tried for another but so far nothing.
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Have you been to a fertility specialist? If not, see if you can get some help from a specialist. I had a friend who had trouble conceiving and took hormones. She got pregnant doing this. A nurse gave me some conception advice before I conceived my son. It had worked for her. She told me not to get out of bed and go to the bathroom after having intercourse. To lay in bed, put a pillow under me titling my lower half up and gravity take place, forcing the ***** to go deep into me. She told me to do this for 20 minutes. I did it once and got pregnant. That was 22 years ago. Also I have heard of women seeing a homeopathic doctor and taking birth control residue removal. I don't know if they still do this, they were doing this years ago.