Emalee And Kimberlee

I always knew I was born to be a Mother. After battling with PCOS for over 5 years, I finally concieved my daughter, Emalee. From the moment my daughter was born my entire outlook on life changed completely. I have a reason to live.. and what a wonderful reason she was! :) Then, when Emalee was 3 months old, I found out I was pregnant again! On November 25 2011 (Thanksgiving) I lost my mother at the age of 51 to a stroke. I was 9 months pregnant. One month later, I gave birth to Kimberlee who came just one month short of meeting the person she was named after. My life is my children. Without them, I really am nothing. Every decision I make is always made with their best interests first.
mommyofemalee mommyofemalee
Mar 10, 2012