After 20 Years Of Putting Up With This, Tonight She Is In Prison

I can so relate to the control freak DIL. My DIL met my son in his teens right after a break up with his gf urged by her mother. He was vulnerable and she turned on the sexual advances. She has burned him with a hot iron to his chest, beat him ,demeaned belittled and destroyed his manhood and made his life and ours a living hell. She is so nice to our face, but my son and the children tell us she hates us and talks terrible about us. We have done everything possible to keep peace. Her mom hated her own MIL and influenced all her children to turn their back on their father. The grandkids don't know him and they are in their teens and think he's dead. I believe there is a great deal of transference going on here.
My son FINALLY left her a few years ago after she threw him out during a rage and came to our home. She made our life hell again calling all hours banging on our door if we didn't answer, just as she did when he tried to leave her in his teens. Her mother backs her in all of this and paid for things for my son to get him hooked. The girl is very overweight and he is fit, tall and handsome. Her self esteem is very low but she hides it well. She preys on controlling every aspect of his life and wouldn't let him have a bank account, credit cards a phone or anything unless she had passwords was on the accounts and knew every detail. Once he left, we changed that and established his identity. She went to his job raising hell demanding to be heard and they threw her out. She called incessantly. During my grandsons football game AT A CHURCH she stormed onto the field as my son was coaching during a game and got in his face cussing him. They threw her out and she waited in the car and followed him and continued. She is SO bipolar its not even a question. She rages when shes out of control. When my son had brain surgery, she said there was nothing wrong with him and wouldn't allow him to return to his doctor. When he left and we established his own identity, she called all of them and stopped everything saying he was at home again. God did something wonderful for us. He opened the door to her online bank account with no password and I discovered that she was embezzling money from her boss, and a LOT of it. She was filing taxes for other people and getting their returns sent to her and paying them much less than they thought. One month she cashed checks to herself for $40, 000 from the IRS in refund checks.
This year, her boss caught her (not by my hand) and she was sentenced to 3 years in prison. This is her first night...What does she do before she leaves? Sends her mother sister and nieces to move in with my son and take over watching his every move. Her mother has the cash she stole and now she is controlling my son telling him that the only way he will make it financially is through her mother. This woman does not have money. The court didn't find the cash she stole only knew she took hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card purchases. She lied to my son all the way through the marriage telling him she was promoted and had gotten large bonuses. She took trips, drove BMWs bought a house and totally furnished it with all brand new furnishings. He truly didn't know what she was doing until I told him. I at times hate her for what she has done to him and to the children with her selfishness. I have prayed and prayed that this woman will get out of my sons life. I now have a terminal illness and hope I live to see the day that he is finally happy. She even tells him I am not ill, only faking cancer and treatment. She thinks we are all completely stupid and believe her lies. We remain silent to stay in our grandchildrens lives.The judge ordered therapy for her, but it wont help because she puts on such a front and is damn good at it. She has done it all her life and mastered it well. The judge saw through her though. Please pray for our family and God bless each of you that have daughter in laws from hell. May they raise sons who marry daughter in laws from hell and give them back all the hell they gave to you. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
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I am really sorry you are ill and having to deal with this. I know it's hard( I have one of those dil from hell too) but you really need to delete her from your mind and life because this stress from her will exacerbate your illness. She would be so happy to know she was making you sicker. Don't let her win again. Take your life back and enjoy however many years you have and show her you are living as you want not as she commands !! Enjoy your life. Get rid of such a waste of human flesh!!!!

Wow. I even felt tired while reading what you had to go through. I can only imagine the stress and hurt you guys have to undergo. I hope she never gains control over your son again.