Mom Of Sexually Abused Child

I am a mom who has a child who was sexually abused. I found out in May of 2010. The perp was 11 and my child was 8 at the time. My child is now 15 and the perp s now 18. The past 7 yrs have been so hard i did not know what was wrong with my child. My child finally gave up drugs and went into a depressed state and finally reveled what happened to him. Both my child and the perp are boys. We did all the right things and still do not know if we will get any justice. I am having a hard time dealing with it. My child is doing better but i am still beating myself up. I am a solid christian and I still did not even begin to imagine what happened to my child. We are getting him help doing all the RIGHT things for him. But i wonder about the perp he is not getting any help. Will he do it again? Did he do it already?  As mom's of children who were abused we also need to get help. We want justice for our children. But as a christian we also feel for the perp on the terms of not wanting them to do it again. Wanting them to get the help they need.. If there are others please post i know i am not the only one out there. God Bless   From momhurt
momofabusedchild momofabusedchild
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Jul 9, 2010