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I don't exactly know much about this site...I was just bored and stumbled across it. But anyway, I'm a mother of a 5 month old daughter. We're home while Daddy is out playing cards with his friends. My baby is about the only person who is making me happy lately. She's adorable and I shower her with my attention b/c I want her to grow up knowing that I was always there for her and always put her first! I guess the rest of what I have to say would belong in another topic....why is it that the Daddy's life doesn't change when the baby comes, but the Mommy's whole life is put on the back burner? Not that I have any problems taking care of my daughter, but I have rearranged my priorities whereas my husband hasn't. I could go on and on about my feelings about this...but maybe another time.  I just know that I wouldn't want to have more children since I know I'd be doing the majority of the work. One and DONE for me!
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The answer .. because you let it be that way ... when I had my first child .. I had Friday nights to go out with my friends and raise hell ... the missus had Saturday nights to do the same ... we made a deal .. which was better than getting stabbed with an ice-pick in my sleep. ;-)