How Beautiful Is She!

I've mostly been a single mum or near as dammit all my children's lives so far.  I've done my very best with them always, it hasn't always been easy. You love them, so you laugh with them and cry with them, you guide them and when it all goes pear-shaped you pick up the pieces.
My daughter is 16 now and has an 18 year old boyfriend, who is just adorable.  Last night, he had walked here in the rain and arrived soaking wet.  I overheard her talking to him:   'Oh! You're soaked!  Let's get you a towel, now take off your trousers and put your shorts on cos they're dry.......etc'   
This example is just one of many when it comes to her caring, kind nature.
I hope I can take some of the credit that she's turned out so beautifully; although I'm not all that sure that I should...... I think she deserves every bit of credit and every bit of positive reinforcement and praise that she can get :)

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You are just amazing! Like i have said,with a gorgeous,kind and understanding mother like you,she just can't go wrong! you are wonderful,don't ever think differant of yourself. love michelle

you'll make me cry, Michelle! xxx

Yes you've done great but its a 24/7 job that you can't do anywhere else and minimal pay well thats a joke but job satisfaction well you can't beat it.Oh and retirement you have got to be joking its whole of LIFE but wouldn't want anyother way,hope you feel same

I totally couldn't have it any other way :)

Please, accept the fact you've nurtured, been a role<br />
model, and parented single handedly two wonderful<br />
children. Don't sell yourself short. Parenting is the most<br />
under credited professions in our society.<br />
:-) Take a Bow, Accept the Applause! !!!!!!!

awww, Paco, thank you so much :)

Crowd Roaring!!!! Standing Ovation
"Take a bow little lady", Steve Martin

lol, I do love you paco!!