I am a mother and I will be for the rest of my life. The wife role is no longer mine. Relationship to some individuals might end whether it would be friends or acquaintances, but not being ME as a “MOM”. And I am forever PROUD! In having two children, I have mastered the degree of being a “Super Mom” and would have prolly graduated with degree, in a sense of changing diapers, buying/cooking baby foods, baby clothes, baby toys/books, etc… BUT as my children grow each and every day, and with all these ‘changes’ …being just a plain Super Mom as I thought to them is NOT EASY!

I would like to remind myself in my journey of being a mom the topic from one of the books I recently read. Since the separation, I’ve been too hard on myself. I was most likely to do the role of both parents just to somehow fill the “voids”. It says on the book that I should accept the fact that I cannot be a mother and father at the same time. “Do not try to be both parents to your children.” TRUE. I shouldn’t. It will never work that way. It will be a deadly mistake of trying to fill both parents’ roles in the family. I would like to improve what I am to my children. Being a mother is sure fun but hard, so getting the role of the other is way, way impossible.
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yeah and sometimes hard to think why it ends that way....