Yes I Am a Proud M...

Yes I am a proud mother of two sons, that asmy motto goes, I not only LOVE but i LIKE too!! They are often my reason to go on in this world. Growing up I always wanted to have three children, not sure why but I felt that was the number of children that I needed to have????? But my ex, after we conceived our 2nd child decided to have a vasectomy, even knowing how DESPERATELY I didn't want him too. He said he didnt want more than 2 children and I asked him to at least wait incase he changed his mind. Well he went a head and had his vascetomy, despite my true feelings that IF he changed his mind we might be able to have  third later on. Well that dream was shot to hell, BUT I do have my amazing wondeous boys, and feel MORE than blessed that I am lucky enough to have two!!
AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 13, 2007