My Kids R My Life

Proud momma of 2 kids.  My son is getting ready to turn 10 and my daughter is 4.  It's tough right now being a single mom because of all the I wants and I needs and to top it all off my son thinks he is the MAN of the house also.  You should see when I try to go on a date.  It's 50 questions before I leave the house.  I think its funny.  I told him pay backs are coming when he starts dating.  Although I am not looking forward to that at all.  By the time he starts dating they will need $100 just to go out. 
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1 Response Jun 1, 2007

Hi I hear ya, and i,ve been there,<br />
What i did about the i wants and the i needs. I would talk it thourgh with them to deter-main if it really was a i need. I f it was a need that was my responsability. If it was a i want they had a weekly job that was age appreciate . They got paid every week as a pocket money 5dollars or what ever how old they were and how hard the job is. If the job is not done to at least a 75% well done i would pay them. Then i taught them they could have what they want but they have to save up or layby i found this really worked and they have found that they to this day 14 and 16 they manage there me t money well and often will brag about what they did and how they paid for that my 16 year old has had a job since she was 14 ,so i recommend it works and you stick to the rules.. <br />
The dating thing does get easy as time goes on. But i believe there inside feeling have to be brought out for discussion from time to time. So good luck ..... and by the way I,m happily married now in a combined family and that is hard road to walk but it was worth it........ <br />
from shazta.<br />