I Am a Mom of 2

I have 2 kids there very cute there my life but when it come to them few hours i get while there asleep at night r great never really get to sit down much unless there dad feels like being nice for one day and let me sit for a while but other then that i do it im only 19 i had my first child at age 16 i was young and very dumb but i dont regret it and i was 17 when i had my second child everytime i look at there cute little faces, smiles, and when there sleeping at night i go in to tuck them in and look at them i pray that everyday they wake up safe and sound and we make it through the day from the harm that could come there way although i was so young and never got to do the things alot of the other kids done i still stuck by my kids and always will there my life my everythings and thats my story.   Thankyou
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2007

Wow.!! ..we have the same picture...& I'm a mum of 2...But I'm a single mum now. His first love was the playstation..2nd his car..3rd himself..then us ( I like 2 think) anyway...does it get easier...**** dont ask...just enjoy...2 reasons your life is great & thats the little people in your life that think your awsome, even when your angry or upset...age is nothing..everything happens for a reason and..well what can I say but .welcome to the club ..xxo enjoy & release