Today did not go well my kids did not go to sleep til 5:00 am this mornig I did nt know what was worng with him but when they went to bed i woke em up at 8am :) aint i just a nice mother ...lol...My 2 yo was mad at me so he took a bottle of baby powder and put it all over his room! I was so mad I had to wipe everything down and sweep and vaccum OMG...It was so smokey I couldnt even breath I had to let the window open ....And all i went to do is pee lol....OMG talking about sumone being upset.... I put his butt in time out and took the care seat out the car and put his butt in it in the middle of the livivng room floor.....I was so mad....ALl the clean clothes were covered in powder his sheets were covered the baby bed was covered his dressers...OMG!   The wonderful days of mother hood!!! :)

Chubbywaistcuteface Chubbywaistcuteface
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As the old saying goes, "This too shall pass!" I am the father and daddy to two wonderful girls now aged 18 and 23 years old. Remember the Baby Powder incident. It will be great laugh material when they are older and you can tease the heck out of him in front of his first girlfriend. You'll get the last laugh! LOL