I have 2 girls that are 12 and 14 (going on 16 and 18).

I have a pretty good relationship with them try to be as open as possible, both girls are very sporty they have made it to state championships many times and in many different sports, which can cost a fortune.

My girls are my life as a mother I'd do anything to protect them and god help the person whoever hurt them.

They have both just come home from school camps last night, so I have let them stay home today to catch up on sleep and they can also do my housework LOL

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2 Responses Nov 18, 2009

you sound like a great mother :) i wish i my mother had been as open with me. she has always been too overprotective to the point of being suffocating. never make that mistake, try to be their friend and offer them guidance. but from the sounds of it you sound like an expert mum already. don't need any advice from me :) keep doin what ur doin!

You are so right jobrowne.