I Am a Mother of Three Daughte...

I am a mother of three daughters now, as my only son died in 2000.  I also have 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.   That doesn't make me as old as it sounds, since both my oldest daughter and her daughter got pregnant in their senior year of school.  They're both great Moms tho.
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My only son died in 2000 also. I still light a candle on my front porch on the second Sunday of December.<br />
The Worldwide candle lighting for our child we have lost...The Light That Travels Around The World.<br />
I always watch it burn, his memory is so fresh and the candle fires dance through my tears..<br />
I always feel better after I cry though...<br />
Sending you a hug (((((((*))))))

Losing a child is so tragic it doesn't even have words. I am sorry. That is nice you have such a big family.