How Becoming a Mom of a 3rd Child Has Changed My Life..

My 3rd child was born April 15, 2008 @ 823am in Poughkeepsie, NY(Vassar Brothers Medical Center) by csection....The pregnancy was quick and emotional from the beginning...Joseph was put up for adoption for several reasons...with his father and me deciding what was best for him...God guided me and the choosing of the right family for him...Shannon and Kim were the adoptive parents we chose and they are a blessing to myself and scott.... I fear the future and what to say to my older two when they get older and see pictures of their little brother joey...the hardest was hearing that he is in kansas and I will not see him until he is older...i'll only get to see pictures of how he is progressing in life...I wonder how he will react when he finds out that he was adopted after he was born...Also how he will react when he is told that he has a big brother and sister....I think we did the best thing but my heart is broken into pieces...

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Whatever your reasons for putting your son up for adoption, it sounds as if you were coming from a place of love. I'm sure there were compelling reasons and you did what you thought best.<br />
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Depending upon what type of person he grows into, he may be thankful, he may be angry, resentful, there will probably be a lot of emotions all at once when he knows the whole story.<br />
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The best thing you can do now is to be there for your other two children and not punish yourself for what you felt you had to do. Good luck, take care.