I Always Wanted to Be a Mother

i love my three boys or at least i thought i did. i dont think i am capable of love at the moment. i have been rejected by my oldest son and i feel like a failure knowing i wa sunable to protect my boys from abuse. something i suffered myself and the one thing i thought i could save them from
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1 Response May 4, 2007

It's hard without knoing the whole story, but if your kids loved before and one as gone astray because he is mad at you, don't worry you'll always be their mom and they eventually come back. I Know, I was there and the hurting is so bad you feel like you could die, but for right now don't lose the love of your other sons who are present and need your love and reassurance your oldest son needs to be out there facing his own demons and it's not a good time for him to pay attention to you right now. He'll come around but you must still stand firm and receive him like a different kid and not the mommy's boy yoy used to be. Always make sure he's aware that you love him but start slow and don't ask him to come back. He has to be strong enough to do asking.