Three Times the Fun! Three Times the Exhaustion!!

Hey with 3 kids you're certainly kept on your toes!  In my case my first two are very close in age - 15 mths apart.  There's 6 years between my second & my youngest so you could say she's my 'empty nest syndrome' baby!  

It can be a challenge keeping up with them. The older two are receiving more & more home work & have various after school activities.  Then my youngest is constantly on the go!  Playing, painting, building, story telling & simply making a mess are the things that make up her day.  She spends a couple days in day care each week while I'm at work but even those days of full on activity at the centre do not wear her out!!!

At the end of the day though it's like the title of this entry:  It's three times as exhausting keeping up with them but I wouldn't have it any other way ~ they give me three times the enjoyment & I love 'em to bits!

Lyric Lyric
36-40, F
May 15, 2007