My 3 Very Different Girls

I have three daughters. They are 5, 8 and 13. They are as different from each other as they can get. The oldest is all drama, has been since she was 2 years old. The middle one is all sweetness, well most of the time. The little one is a tornado but so darn cute you can't stay mad at her. I love being their mom. Raising them takes a lot of patience and some days I want to give up with the oldest one. My house is a wreck all of the time no matter how hard I try. This bothers some people and I wish those people would just stay out of my house. I work nearly full time hours at a part time job and regret the time I am away from my children. I have someone in my life who is constantly doubting my abilities as a mother and it's hard to know if I'm doing this right. I do the best I know how and I know that I'm not perfect.
angrytp angrytp
36-40, F
Jan 14, 2013