Encouragement To Those With Children With Mental Retardation

I have twin boys age 13. They were born premature at 28 weeks. I knew something was wrong with one of my sons when I awoke from my c-section. They immediatly did a chromazone test and it came back negative. I soon noticed that he wasn't responding to me as quickly as his brother. His legs were completly stiff and did not begin to walk until he was about two years old. We begin PT and ST which helped out a lot. He finally called me momma at age
3 12. I took my son to the a genetic specialist where she gave her somewhat of a diagnosis of a mild form of mental retardation. I didn't want to except this from the doctor. He has an IEP in place and takes a life skills class. I have come to the reality that my son will never be a rocket scientist but he offers so much more than any regular person could ever give. He is always happy, he never judges people, he excepts any and all for who they are. Wherever we go people stop and say Hi Brian with such enthusiazm. He lights up and responds "Hi my Friend"! He is a teacher and doesn't even know it yet. When I'm feeling down or sorry for myself he is always there to cheer me up. I see myself being blessed when God chose me to be his momma. I'm so proud of him. I sit back and watch as his twin brother matures and is now into girls and will soon be driving, and I stop and think what is going to happen when his twin brother is ready to go off to college and begins his own life. As of now when his brother has his friends stay over I see that his brother tries to include him but he looses interest very quickly and I often find him sitting alone looking so sad. My heart aches for him not knowing what to do or handle him becoming a man in the future. He is involved in special olympics and I often talk to other mothers about what to expect when they become adults. I never really get any straight answers on what to expect but I do know this. I treat him the same way as his twin brother, dicipline, encouragement and lots and lots of love. Who knows what his future holds but I know whatever he does or becomes he will always be my inspiration. Those of you who may share the same experience, well, there are no real answers on what to expect because all of our children are affected in different ways but my advice is to keep them involved with support groups, special olympics, life skill classes, etc... and remember your not alone. Keep your heads up and smile and continue to love them as always because you were chosen to be thier momma. Thank you. Juanita

juanitaroybal juanitaroybal
36-40, F
Feb 16, 2013