"I Am To A Mother Of A Murdered Son"

My son Marcus Darrell Lewis Jr. was murdered (shot) several times on May 16, 2010. He was 22 years old lives in Tulsa, Ok. He was born Nov 25, 1987. The two guy's that murdered my son was found a week later. they both are on a 5-million dollar bond. Trial is pending. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. So I have been keeping up with the court dates on OSCN.com, and keeping in contact with the lead detective that handling his case. The day they go to trial I will BE THERE !! . I'm very angry for what they did to my son. I have forgave them seeing that is the RIGHT way and GOD's way.

Marcus "fattbutt" Lewis was a sweet young man, had a beautiful smile that was out of this world. He had the prettiest set of teeth, you would have thought he had braces, His smile would light up any room. He was very loving with a heart of gold. He LOVED basketball, being 6'5 he should. During his Sr. year in High School he led his team to win the 2006 State Championship for Central High School. That was one of the most exciting times I've ever seen him so happy.

He would always text me and start off my saying "Ma". Then I would respond and say "Yes son or Babe". Then the conversation will begin.......after texting each other for a while we would always end the conversation with I LOVE YOU.... The last time I texted him, I failed to say it. (crying)

He was looking forward of being a proud dad of his first son Aiden. Little Aiden was born the day after we buried Marcus. Aiden in which was born the day after we buried my son.  He is GOD"S little angel. My son will forever live through Aiden. My grandson looks just like his dad. They look just like twins. It's AMAZING how god works. I will NEVER question why he do what he does, but I know he knows best.

I miss my son sooooo much. A day does not go pass that I don't think about him. The pain that I feel is a pain that no one should have to ever feel. It has been 6-weeks and two day's today. The pain does not seem like it will go away. My heart is VERY HEAVY. I'm in a deep depressed stage. My energy is like zero. I pray to god each and everyday to keep me strong. I have family and friends that are keeping me and my family in prayer. This STORM that I'm traveling through is a rough one and I know that god will see me through. I know there's a light at the end and each day I'm looking forward to seeing it.....

For ALL the mother's that are going through this STORM please stay strong and trust in god. I'm here to tell you the pain will never go away. Don't let no one tell you that it will. After loosing a child a little person whom that you gave life too and it has been taken from you unexpectedly that pain will forever be there permanently.

I continue to pray for my son always. I know he is watching over me. I will see him real soon. Like the old church song goes "Soon and very soon we are going to see the King..... I WILL SEE YOU SOON SON... R.I.P. *** mom kiss
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My Sister you are staying very strong through this, i noticed it has not been very long at all for you,<br />
I know from experience time has no limited, I lost my only son at age 21 years, May, 2008 and I think about him daily, the last conversation I had was the day before Mother's day, he was always up beat,<br />
saying he was maintain life, and now I can't see his beautiful smile and beautiful teeth, this describe my son Iman, very Lovable would always say momma I Love you!<br />
I not for sure about the child, the girl friend doesn't call anymore, she was supposed to be pregnant he mention this before he died. he was glade he was going to be a daddy, the little boy was born December31,2008 I haven't seen him I pray to God he will reveal this too. Keep been strong in the Lord, and he will Give us all the strength we need to even be here for our grandchildren.<br />
<br />
Blessing & Love<br />
Sheila - Nashville, Tn

Idowning, I share in your sorrow and I agree with you 100%. My son Jovauni was taken away from me 6 months ago and my pain is not less at all. It is a pain that will never go away, it will never lessen. It is em<x>beded deep within my soul until the day I die and meet my son again. God knows what He does and everything indeed happens for a reason. My son did not die in vain as it has made me a stronger woman emotionally and spiritually. It has taken a toll on me as I get depressed and sad often but I look up at the sky and hold my son's memories very dear to my heart. <br />
<br />
Keep Marcus' memory alive especially through Aiden and it will help you get through this. <br />
<br />
Peace and love to you! <br />
<br />