My oldest was murdered we just reached 5 months. I understand he made wrong choices but I feel like Im the blame I should of could of done more. Just thought life would get better for him. Yes he made wrong decisions hung around the wrong crowds and darkness lurked and sought him. Started drugs.
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Drugs are the root of all evil .<br />
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But please don't blame yourself . Our children grow up Just like we did . Make there own choices even if it is the wrong choice .<br />
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It hard I know not to blame yourself . As I did also , it can drive you crazy with the " what, if or maybe .<br />
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like I have read on this site a lot. Try remember the positive memory even if they made you cry .<br />
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Seems early days for you in your grief only 5 mouths . They say the first year is the worse . 3 years now for me since my son murder . <br />
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Sending you my love ((hugs)))

R u serious us Mothers are without our Sons and u can get on here with your negativity.

She is telling the truth it takes courage