My Girly/Sissy Son

I desperately wanted a daughter yet delivered a son. 'It is a girl' I was told, I was happy, over-the-moon - the wonders of medical science that they can get it so wrong. I had everything planned, I was fully prepared to bring my daughter home to a life in pink. To cut a long story short I decided, initially, to have both a daughter and a son, both part-time roles, and it worked in the early years. There were a few setbacks but as time passed my daughter became the most important thing in my life and her role became full-time. I home-school her and she is doing very well academically. She is a well-adjusted girly/boy and just loves being Mommy's little girl. We do everything together and share many hobbies and past-times (knitting, sewing, cooking, TV programs etc). I still breastfeed her at 11 years of age and I have no plans to stop anytime soon - this time together is as precious as life itself. I am a happy mother and I have a happy and creative child - whether he is a she, a sissy, or a girly/boy (all just tags and names) she is my daughter, and, I live my life for her. Perhaps the title of this group should be 'I AM THE MOTHER OF A BOY DAUGHTER'.
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Wow how many of us would love to have grown up like that?


Thats so lovely that you are still breastfeeding her

What became of the Father?

I also am raising my sons as my daughters and really admire what you are doing.

Thanks, it is good to know that we are kindred spirits - I would be so happy to know your *story* for I believe we can offer support to each other and be better for it in the long term. Please reply for I shall give you my e-mail address so that we can correspond in private. Much love, Joan

I think that you are a beautiful wonderful loving mother. Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mother. The world needs more mothers like you.

I see nothing wrong in what your doing. To be able to nurse at that age is supper cool. I know the bond between you two is tight. I hope you let her nurse as long as she is willing. She is so lucky and no mater what the other negatives say, I know she would never want it any other way. Even if you asked her. I commend you on what you have done for your daughter I wished more boys were able to be taken care of and raised like you have done for yours. Thank you for the touching story.

Thank you for your support and understanding - I can tell you that when I first went *public* with my story I have received nothing but full (well, 90 percent) support - I do believe that I am doing the right thing for my daughter and she will be so much better off for this. Joan

I am so jealous

my mom was the feels soooo good........;to have the right to be........changes everything....and i am a very happy submissive today :)

I love when people do what makes them happy no matter what others think

Hott story. .too bad honey, you're not my mother. We could have share dresses and heels.

my grandma dressed me when I visited on weekends, wish I had a mom who would have kept me dressed and treated me as her daughter

it does not matter if your son prefers to be a girl or not, its your choice. I appluad you, it takes courage. Last family I worked for the boy was 12 still breast fed. As he reaches teens he will rebel more and more against being treated like a sissy. If you want a nanny to help that transition, message me, i will give you my number we can talk on the phone

Do you think that is right? Where do you live?

You are forcing little kids to be something for your own gratification.

Does your child want to be a girl? Seems like you are forcing your child to be something you want but how do you know it is what your child wants? Do you give your child a free choice? What does you community think of all of this or is that why your child is being home-schooled??


how i wish so much that you could had
been my mother; i needed a mother
like you when i was growing up, a
mother who would love me as a sissy
daughter. thanks for shareing

As long as there is love and you are both happy, what else matters?

Hang on, you have a boy that you are bringing up as a girl?

what's wrong with that!

after all we expect our daughters to act more like our sons did 50 years ago!

What about letting your son decide who he wants to be or do you not believe in tolerance? The comparison you offer is wrong, does not hold and is no justification whatsoever. You should let your son be the way he wants to be. What do your friends or teachers think?

He is a very lucky young man/lady to have a supportive mother like you who allows him to be whatever he chooses and loves him for it.

This is a great thing that youre doing. He will grow accustomed to wearing girls clothes and therefore not have the closed mindedness that others have. To him they will simply be his clothes.

Sometimes you read a story and you move on, maybe not even able to find it again. Then there are posts like this one from you, Templecurls. I'm as excited reading each and every word, every line, and imagining that beautiful bgirl twirling around, girling her life with you as I was the first time I read this. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Lucky child to recieve your overwhelming loving support, and so much luckier that you still nourish HER with the nectar from your breast!!!

This is so wonderful. I wish my mom had been more like you. Back when I was a youngster things like this just didn't happen or at least they were not publicized. A mom (or dad) would have probably been in big trouble for something like this. Francene

I applaud you there would be a lot of happier sisters outthere when there were more lovely moms like you.big kiss

wow your boy/daughter is so lucky to have such a loving mother

Disappointment didn't cover it.


When are you going to introduce her to ****. That's what 'normal' girls play with boys dicks...a

Its key - that with discipline and training, that you have developed her.. nice work.

I just HAD to rate this up 10 points! I'm swooning at how you're raising your pretty little bgirl, your pretty daughter sharing all those times with you. And you're still breast feeding her at 11? As she snuggles up close to your warm breast, surrounded with your soft warmth and love, that beautiful girl is learning how very special a Mom can be. Thank you x 100 for being such a wonderful Mom. I'm transfixed with the image of her in that pretty little dress, her little legs poking out, as she prances around practicing her balance for Mommy. Ballet would be a wonderful experience for her, once she's completed her transformation. Now, while she sits there with your arms around her, your breast at her lips, you can feel there are a couple of little parts your daughter's not going to need anymore someday. A good little girl doesn't have things like that. They can make her look hard or mean someday, make her voice sound harsh and low, make her get all hairy instead of soft and smooth and clean the way a good little girl should be. I hope you and her doctor can explore ways to unburden her of those little things to avoid problems later on. It'll be a lot easier on her now than later. What a wonderful transformation, clean of body, no nastly little bits making her the laughingstock of the other little girls at school and in the pool.


Fabulous sweetie