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My Girly/Sissy Son

I desperately wanted a daughter yet delivered a son. 'It is a girl' I was told, I was happy, over-the-moon - the wonders of medical science that they can get it so wrong. I had everything planned, I was fully prepared to bring my daughter home to a life in pink. To cut a long story short I decided, initially, to have both a daughter and a son, both part-time roles, and it worked in the early years. There were a few setbacks but as time passed my daughter became the most important thing in my life and her role became full-time. I home-school her and she is doing very well academically. She is a well-adjusted girly/boy and just loves being Mommy's little girl. We do everything together and share many hobbies and past-times (knitting, sewing, cooking, TV programs etc). I still breastfeed her at 11 years of age and I have no plans to stop anytime soon - this time together is as precious as life itself. I am a happy mother and I have a happy and creative child - whether he is a she, a sissy, or a girly/boy (all just tags and names) she is my daughter, and, I live my life for her. Perhaps the title of this group should be 'I AM THE MOTHER OF A BOY DAUGHTER'.
Templecurls Templecurls 41-45, F 51 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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Very sweet, you've raised a girl with a penis, nice work

My mom was sure I'd be a girl and kept me dressed as one from the day I was born until I started school. But when I got home from school, she let me wear play dresses that she'd made so I could play with the other little girls in the neighborhood.

You are a sick person who ruined a child life I'm not against transgender but that's the thing he should decide . People like you are disgrace to human kind

I'm positive my Mother would have loved nothing more than to let my big sister Brenda be the boy. And me her "new little girl" as she told me on one of the many occasions long ago when she crossdressed me in Brenda's clothes. I absorbed those couple of years under my selfishly dominating mothers thumb, like a sponge. My father eventually figured out that he had a little sissy son on his hands that by age 8 didn't know he was suppose to stand up to pee. So he put a stop to mom's feminizing ways. Which I missed most of my life until recently, when I realized my moms selfish desires to make me into the daughter that Brenda never became. Has caused me to have a life long lack of positive self esteem. And has left me wondering how my mother could have loved me yet ruined my life simultaneously? Fortunately God rescued me a little over 2 years ago when i was at the bottom of the barrel strung out on mind altering substances. And heavily into the crossdressing dating scene which is little more than a sharks tank. Deuteronomy 22:5 says in essence that both "men and women should not wear that which belongs to the opposite sex. They that do are an abomination in His sight!" God may allow the birth of conjoined twins and other physical anomolies? And of course that would include both males and females that possess a few qualities, looks, and interests of their opposite genders. But trust me Templecurls our creator doesn't make mistakes. Your son was born male, and you will answer to Him for deliberately altering what he was created to be. Due only to your selfish desire to please you!! Oh don't forget to figure out how you and your "boy daughter" are going to lie about the eventual sex reassignment surgery, to your boy daughters future husband. But no worries what done in the dark always comes to light. Especially when your son can't have his hubbies kids. SRS only turns his original equipment inside out like a sock to form a vagina. He'll never experince menstration much less child birth. But in your self centered brilliance, I guess you got that all figured out?! You're a real piece a work lady, I'll keep you & yours in my prayers...

Omgsh! I never comment but I was truly disgusted by what I read. I have no problem with people living as they choose as life is too short to worry about people's opinions yet too long to suffer in a body and life you don't identify with but this is shocking! You moulded him into a girl for your own sick selfish desires and purposely kept him away from the world via homeschooling so that he wouldn't be able to form objective opinions of his own. Breastfeeding him at that age further tightening your grip on him. Disgraceful! You act as though people should be accepting but where was your acceptance when he was born a boy. The unconditional love a mother should have was not there instead you forced him to be what you wanted. I feel sorry for your poor poor child and pray that one day he becomes wise to your selfish ways and makes the choice for himself whether to live as male or female. Your story is truly shocking and I will pray for you also and hope that you never are able to inflict this warped mess on another child again. Absolutely shocking

Your a good Mom . Wish I had one like you. ;-)

You have her on herbs or hormones?

Hormones, and she is developing as any girl her age. Joan

Thats wonderful bet she is so very happy

Hey there, I continue to be fascinated by your story. There are women who have raised their sons as girls, and there are women who have continued breast feeding their children into adolescence, but I have never met someone who has done both. I had previously asked you if breast feeding was an erotic experience for you, and you had said no, but I wonder about your daughter, who still has a boy part. If I were your daughter's age, and I was coming home from school and getting to sit on Mommy's lap and suck on her breast, I would be beside myself with arousal. Of course, your daughter is on hormones, so I am wondering if those urges might be suppressed. Finally, with the hormones, I assume your daughter is developing Breasts of her own. She sees how much you enjoy having her suck on yours; has she expressed any interest in experiencing that feeling herself? I am glad that you and your daughter are both happy!

I'd love that. Make me into a sissy

I wish you were my mother.

Delight in all that is YOU!!

Well, this is one for nature vs. nurture for sure. Is your child a 'girl' because they had been born with that already inside them or because it's how You chose for them to be?
I do absolutely believe some people are born to the wrong physical sex.
However, I also strongly believe in the freedom of choice.
To choose before the child's born that You want a girl so you shall raise it as one is in my own opinion, and this is only my opinion, wrong and unfair to that child. Your taking away their individual identity and providing your own pre-planned model.
I not saying you should take a boy and or girl and provide them with the socially excepting colors or toys which one would conceive to be appropriate to their 'gender' but, what's wrong with letting them chose whether they wish to play with the truck or dolly? My own sons enjoy 'girl' cartoons and playing dress up, they both belong to the knitting club at school yet also enjoy climbing trees, building forts, and rough housing. My daughter loves fashion, arts and baking yet hates the color pink with a passion, does this make her less of a girl?
I guess what I'm trying to say is If your child had expressed desires to Be a girl then it would be right on to let them live as such, because it was their choice. I think many people will read this and be influenced by their personal stories and ways of life but what needs to be remembered is that most of them be it sissies or trannies or such, most grew up knowing what it felt to be raised as one type and knowing that it was wrong for them. They made a choice hard though it may be because of societies views of acceptability, but They made that choice to live as they new they should because it's something they knew inside themselves was right.
Removing someone's choice is, in my humble opinion, one of the worst things you can do to a person.


You're quite a class act- wishing someone physical trauma. How sick are you?

I cannot commend you enough. In this day and age. parents often neglet their children, but you have proven not only to be a positive role model, but a loving and caring mother as well. had I been your husband, I would be fully supportive in raising our boy daughter. I think it's wmnderful that rhe enjoys being a girl, and I wish you and her nothing but the best. If there is any time you wish to talk to someone, please message me.

add me sweetie

Congradulations! You smother loved your boy into something God never meant him to be because of your selfishness.

Get over yourself. Who are you to judge what she does with her child. You don't pay for her bills or support the child so how Can you judge what she does. There so much haters in the world you just added yourself to that list. Only god can judge what we do and I don't think he has a profile here.

I don't hate, I'm stating a simple fact. There's more to raising a child than paying bills.

Yes it takes more the. Paying the bills. It's called love and she seems to be giving her child exactly that love.

It only clothes. Dressing sexxy and looking good no difference than you getting dress. Some people look better than you dress as girl or a boy. God meant for it to happen or he wouldn't create. God don't make mistakes. Youre very dumn. Your life is written before you was born. You're quick to pass judgement and cause hat. Not everybody can make it to Heaven.

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Temple curls, your story is fascinating. I see you posted it about a year and a half ago, and I am curious to know how things are going. Does your son still want to be a girl? At thirteen, he would be hitting puberty. Have you seen a doctor and put him on blockers? I would think that, for someone being raised as a girl, developing secondary male sex characteristics would be extremely distressing. Lastly, I was fascinated by your breast feeding. Is this continuing? How has your child reacted? Has she rebelled, or is she an enthusiastic participant? And, you know, not to be too blunt about it, is there a sexual element to the breast feeding, for you, or your 'daughter?' One of the readers commented approvingly about how close this must make the two of you, and that is no doubt true, but I guess the question is, is there such a thing as too close? I am not passing judgement, I am simply raising the question. No doubt, I would have loved for my mother to be raising me, and treating me, the way you do yours, but I will also admit that I was in love with my mother, and would have viewed breast feeding as a highly desirable, but incredibly erotic, activity. In any event I hope you two are both happy and doing well!

She is the sunshine of my life - a bright intelligent girl who is immersed in all things girly and feminine. She has entered puberty as a girl and is developing as any girl her age is. Breastfeeding is a joy but of secondary importance - there is nothing sexual about it. She has never rebelled for I lead by example and maintain a positive and complimentary environment that has enveloped her being, heart and soul. She has known nothing other than life as a girl -she acts, and reacts, as any girl would. Thank you for your enquiry - we are happy and in good health and we maintain a positive outlook for the life ahead of us. Joan

I am happy for both of you!

Ever sub missive? No need ever do discipline her?

add me sweetie

add me sweetie

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This all proves that insanity is alive and well in this world!

I was raised in a similar fashion by my stepmother since I was quite young, and although there were times I felt I was missing out on boyish things, there is no denying that I accepted, and even enjoyed, being raised as a daughter and a sister. Living now with my sister and her girlfriend (as on of the girls), I probably should resent my mother for the radical changes to my life but the truth is ...I fondly look back at the wonderful memories my mom and I shared doing girly things. As you say ...I was raised to be "the boy-daughter of my mother". I hope your son finds peace with his life as he gets older.

A lot of girls grow up doing boy things with their Dad so i fail to understand why a boy cant do feminine things with his Mom.

I don' think its because they can't. I suppose most mothers are afraid to expose their son to girly things our of fear of how their husband might react. I think most boys at one time or another would love to see life in curls and makeup from within the frills and ruffles of feminine dress. Why else could there be countless men on EP who had wished they had been able to explore their feminine side as a child? For better or worse, my mother, like many other single mothers, was not restricted by a man's rule of the house.

So true.

I remember when we were very young we could run outside wearing just about anything and never notice how others perceived us. That was until later on in school (middle to high). Could it be that the school system is in some way teaching us subconsiously to "notice" ourselves and others whereas before it didnt matter as long as we were happy?

That is an interesting thought. I wonder if vanity is a nature or nurture thing. As a little boy I don't suppose I had any particular concern how I was dressed for the day. It didn't take long having a drawer full of colorful underwear or a closet full of cute clothes that I began judge myself on my appearance. Are we taught to be vain or do we pick that up form the countless TV and magazine ads showing how important it is to look attractive to others?

Hi Kaylee! I agree that many, many men wish they had the opportunity to either be raised as girls or at least to express their latent femininity. There are also many, many single moms who were not constrained by a male influence. And yet, there are very,very few moms (single or not) who actually chose to raise their boys as girls. You are one of a very small handful whom I have met. So, I don't think it's just the male presence that constrains moms. I wonder what else is at play. Some of it may be fear of societal disapproval. Some of it may be a fear of creating a difficult or uncertain life for their children. Honestly, I don't know. Here's another interesting detail - you were raised as a girl by your STEP mom. Do you think the fact that she was not your birth mother had any influence whatsoever? Lastly, in the small category of moms who raise their sons as girls, there are obviously two subsets - those that are responding to the clear femininity, or expressed feminine desires, of the child, and what I would think would be the much smaller category of those moms that simply take it upon themselves to raise their sons as girls because they think it is best for them (or best for the mom!). Curious to know your thoughts! Xoxo

I don't believe the fact I was raised by my "step"-mother was the controlling factor in how or why I was raised as I was. My real mother left years earlier and is only a vague memory. Clearly, I wouldn't be living in a feminine world today had my stepmother not taken it upon herself to raise me that way. However ...although I don't have clear memories of those very early years, my stepmother is insistent that the desire to be girly and be treated like my stepsister was my own. (She has many pictures of me happily prancing around the house in skirts and dresses as her proof.) I don't actually remember it that way but then I do remember totally enjoying doing things together with her as a mother-daughter. As a side note, we had grown very close together, and still are today ...and I never considered her or my sister with a "step" label either back then or now.

Lol, I do think that pictures of you happily prancing around in dresses is pretty good evidence! Of course, for some little boys, it is black and white - they KNOW a mistake was made and that they are really a girl. But for others (perhaps for you) life can be shades of gray. You enjoy prancing around in a dress, but you also enjoy playing baseball. In such circumstances, the role of the mother in "steering" the child towards one gender or another can be more complex. Btw, I do question one thing you wrote - "Clearly I would not be living in a feminine world today had my stepmother not taken it upon herself to raise me that way." Maybe. But maybe not. So many things could have subsequently awakened the feminine side of you (a pretty girlfriend who loved to share girly things with you, for ex.) I have several friends who came quite late in life to the realization that they were the wrong gender. Especially if your mother was really just encouraging your real inner self to come out (as she perceived it) it certainly is possible that even without her, you might have ended up in the same place.

Now that you say it, perhaps you're right. I may be in the same place I am right now even if my real mother was still around. Assuming my sister still planted the original seed in me with innocent games of "dress-up", perhaps I was destined to enjoy a sunny day in a two piece bathing suit or a cute sundress.

And in a sense, it doesn't matter, right? We are where we are, however we got here! The key is what we do going forward! And, at the risk of repeating what so many others here have written, you sound wise, mature and thoughtful way beyond your years. There is that old expression, "Youth is wasted on the young," but I don't think it is on you. How lovely that you can appreciate the joy of wearing a sundress or bikini on a sunny day!

I agree.

Hi Kaylee, Thanks. Joan

I should thank you for being one of the few mothers who raised their son according to his own emotional needs ...and then not hide behind a veil of made-up rationale to others. Hopefully someday you son will be able to join you on EP and share some of his feelings of growing up as your daughter.

That's very nice of you to say. Perhaps it's simply the fact I'm growing up since I've moved out of the house with my mom and have begun to interact with others. Or maybe it's that others are willing to accept me as as I am and that I realize that I am not that far from the normal stream.

Your warm and kind nature, your smile and your ability to laugh at yourself at times make you the wonderful girl that you are. I smile each time a new member comes across you and your stories and is captivated. Why wouldn't they?
And that's without seeing that your outside beauty matches that of the amazing girl within.

add me sweetie

Hehe i knew what you meant

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Waaaaaaaay FANTASTIC!!
Perfectly NATURAL & NORMAL!!

Does she like guys?


No judgment here but is that choice her own or suggested to her?

It was the way I raised her, and now, she loves the idea of being a girl and, like me, all things feminine.

Sorry, I meant about her liking guys. Was that her idea or yours? If she decided she wanted to date girls would you be okay with that? Like I said before, no judgments.

Do you think she may transition to a girl in the future

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Wow how many of us would love to have grown up like that?

Thats so lovely that you are still breastfeeding her

What became of the Father?

I see nothing wrong in what your doing. To be able to nurse at that age is supper cool. I know the bond between you two is tight. I hope you let her nurse as long as she is willing. She is so lucky and no mater what the other negatives say, I know she would never want it any other way. Even if you asked her. I commend you on what you have done for your daughter I wished more boys were able to be taken care of and raised like you have done for yours. Thank you for the touching story.

Thank you for your support and understanding - I can tell you that when I first went *public* with my story I have received nothing but full (well, 90 percent) support - I do believe that I am doing the right thing for my daughter and she will be so much better off for this. Joan

I am so jealous

my mom was the feels soooo good........;to have the right to be........changes everything....and i am a very happy submissive today :)

I love when people do what makes them happy no matter what others think

Hott story. .too bad honey, you're not my mother. We could have share dresses and heels.

add me sweetie

add me sweetie

my grandma dressed me when I visited on weekends, wish I had a mom who would have kept me dressed and treated me as her daughter

it does not matter if your son prefers to be a girl or not, its your choice. I appluad you, it takes courage. Last family I worked for the boy was 12 still breast fed. As he reaches teens he will rebel more and more against being treated like a sissy. If you want a nanny to help that transition, message me, i will give you my number we can talk on the phone

Do you think that is right? Where do you live?

You are forcing little kids to be something for your own gratification.

It does matter you ******* *********!

add me

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Does your child want to be a girl? Seems like you are forcing your child to be something you want but how do you know it is what your child wants? Do you give your child a free choice? What does you community think of all of this or is that why your child is being home-schooled??


Being raised as a boy does not equate with being a wife beater or a violent person.Usually wife beaters come from families where the mother was beaten by the father and this follows into the next generation as normal behavior. Maybe that was your personal experience. If you want your boy to grow up to be a gentleman, teach him right from wrong and correct him when he's too aggressive. Only cowards hurt girls and take advantage of their own superior strength. That's what we were taught and should be taught.
I'm a sissy boy, unfortunately because of the way I was raised. Over protected and never developed a sense of my own masculinity. It caused years of confusion and anxiety that never should have happened.

how i wish so much that you could had
been my mother; i needed a mother
like you when i was growing up, a
mother who would love me as a sissy
daughter. thanks for shareing

As long as there is love and you are both happy, what else matters?

Hang on, you have a boy that you are bringing up as a girl?

what's wrong with that!

after all we expect our daughters to act more like our sons did 50 years ago!

Stupid tranny, go be a victim of a hate crime!!!

I'm sorry your such a Neanderthal, no victimology here silly boy! I'm far stronger then you'll ever be! Now go crawl back under your rock! As for rich king lol your no david! And never will be.

What about letting your son decide who he wants to be or do you not believe in tolerance? The comparison you offer is wrong, does not hold and is no justification whatsoever. You should let your son be the way he wants to be. What do your friends or teachers think?

I agree that we should see our child's they see themselves. We are only here to guide them to "their" fullest potential. And yes this experience is a bit out of the norm. But we do tend to want to "BEAT" and resemblance of femininity out of our sons. And that truly isn't letting them be who they are!

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He is a very lucky young man/lady to have a supportive mother like you who allows him to be whatever he chooses and loves him for it.

He's not choosing it. It's being chosen for him by his upbringing.

This is a great thing that youre doing. He will grow accustomed to wearing girls clothes and therefore not have the closed mindedness that others have. To him they will simply be his clothes.

Lucky child to recieve your overwhelming loving support, and so much luckier that you still nourish HER with the nectar from your breast!!!

This is so wonderful. I wish my mom had been more like you. Back when I was a youngster things like this just didn't happen or at least they were not publicized. A mom (or dad) would have probably been in big trouble for something like this. Francene

I applaud you there would be a lot of happier sisters outthere when there were more lovely moms like you.big kiss

wow your boy/daughter is so lucky to have such a loving mother

Disappointment didn't cover it.


When are you going to introduce her to ****. That's what 'normal' girls play with boys dicks...a

Its key - that with discipline and training, that you have developed her.. nice work.

Fabulous sweetie

I applaud you. More mothers should be like you and your daughter should feel very fortunate to have a mother like you and be raised as you raise her.

You are such a loving mother. Beautiful story.

you have the luckiest son/daughter in the world.

I would love to be living in the home you've created. Such an environment with so little/non existant male BULL^&&*^! It would be a wonderful place to come home to!

Thank you for your comment Yes it is a lovley environment as mummy often says All girls togeather, I really do love being her little girl as she calls me.

Love Tricca

I knew i was not the only one because i have a lot of girly /boy friends, but so nice to see it in writing.My mummy who is very BI conceived me under more or less rape conditions, and has gone to extreme lengths to raise me as her little girl .For what ever reason I have always loved it and for a long time i thought i was a girl Thanks to female hormes sweeties and infibulation from birth, my genitalia has never developed and my tweenie is smaller than mummys clitty. and my little testes are like large peas and Gretta, mummys partner who lives with us, is a nursing sister and she can gently ease everything up inside and tape me up. Mummy smiles and says No pantee bulge darling.. .I am 18 now and have my own shoulder length red hair. Minimal body hair and mummy and i nair each other quite often including our pubes.Mumb I do not have bto workn opfn course my is quite well off and i was tutored at home by two ladies and one man, as a little girl of course. I do not have to work and i really am happy as mummys girl. I have learned to make up properly and I was introduced to my monthly periods when i was twelve.These are rather painful but as mummy has taught me its a nice sort of pain and all girls have to learn to suffer it. Its all part of being a girl and i believe her and understand this. As she explained it would make me feel so femme and it does. In some strange way i look forward to my period and am sitting astride the bidet .waiting for mummy to give me my enemas before she inserts the catheter in my tweeny to ensure my towels are constantly wet under my rubbers.She changes me at least twice a day I know it may seem strange but i am quite proud to have my period and when mummy friends visit I always tell them I am indisposed and they seem to understand and smile and comment about me being mummys girl.
Love Tricca

You must have fascinating stories. I'd love to hear them sometime. Please add me as well.

Many thanks for those kind words I have always tried to be mummys girly /boy I know i can never be her 100% girly while i still have my little tiny appendage as she calls it. Gretta, mummy's lady friend who lives with us keeps telling mummy she should have me cut,but mummy says NO, NO, NO. she wants me and loves me as her girly ./boy,and i adore, even worship her and try to please her all the time, no mater what.As she says, she is in complete control. I never question her in relation to any matter. She has convinced me the pain i suffer during my period each month when she inserts a large catheter in my miniscule clitty like penis is a nice pain ,and i believe it and am proud to endure it..This may sound crazy but it is true .
Love Tricca

You should start moving on with your life and looking for **** suck. There's a lot of horny guys out there that need I do. It's natural for girls to like...lick...**** and it's time you got started!!

I wish you both luck. Take care now.