My Lovely Daughter And Wonderful Husband Will Not Stop Fighting

Hi everyone im new at this. Idk where to go to talk yo pple. So i found this group. OK so here it goes. My 17 almost 18 yr old daughter will not stop fighting with heru dad My husband takes her phone to check messages just to find things he doesn't like so he can fight with her. She knowthis so she erases her messages before he gets phone so thats another argument. Im always thrown in middle. This is an everyday thing. He puts her down for everything she does i go off then we fight.
And she cries. He tells her her friends sucks and ahe going to me just like hwr no good for nothing friends. God help me
I could go on and on. I give up im tired and very angry. So she hates him and im wondering of he hates her. She is good kid still virgin doesn't go out on dates yet doesn't go anywhere really i think because dads so hard on her. No drugs she does nothing but Facebook and talks to kid's in school. She talks back to dad and that might be contributed by me taking up for her. Help me before i end up divorced. Thanks everyone
Katwil1522 Katwil1522
May 17, 2012