They Are Monsters But They Are My World

my boys mean the world to me...being a mommy is the greatest gift i have ever been given...they are my reason for living and the reason i smile everyday...they are even there for mama when im crying wiping tears from my eyes:)by far the best thing that happend to me was them......sometimes they are rotten and im lucky to have hair lol...
but i wouldnt trade one minute with them...for anything in the world
southernstar1987 southernstar1987
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

you are really a very nice woman and a mom

thank you:)

I'm gonna have my own boys in the near future. (and daughters :D)


How old are they?

5-4-3 ya i know they are really close...i was prego for 3 years minuse about 4 months:)

ahh... motherhood.

nothing like it lol

3 boys huh? I have 3 girls. Mine are 12, 8 and 3.

We could be the Brady Bunch, ha ha.

lol we sure could :p