If One More Person Walking By Says "Double Trouble" I Think I Will Scream!

I am the proud Mommy of 13 month old twins. Kyleigh and Cayden. They are sooo cool. I have an older child and for along time after her I didn't think that I would be able to have anymore babies. Then when she was 7 I got pregnant. Unfortunatly that ended in a miscarriage which needed a curette. Then low and behold 2 months later I got pregnant. Obviously paranoid I insisted on an ultrasounds and saw my 2 little Mc Nuggets for the first time! Man oh man! Bliss. After a fairly easy pregnancy I had a c-section on April 14 2009 and met my angels. Life has not slowed down since. Now that they move they are like mini tornados! the only think I wish was different is I wish that I didn't decide to get my tubes tied while I was 9 months pregnant with twins!! Im the luckiest mummy on the planet to have my very cool babies!
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3 Responses May 20, 2010

THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!! Just tell those people Double the pleasure hunny :)

They are beautiful!<br />
<br />
My twins are 22 yrs. The time goes quickly.<br />
My pet peeve was the comment, "Oh, two for the price of one!"<br />
Yeah right, tell that to the orthodontist or the car insurance guy.

I've never gotten double trouble but I want to scream each time some one says 'you have your hands full!' while I try to balance the door and pull my stroller through. Hoping my toddler doesn't stick his hands out or the baby in my arms doesn't wiggle at the wrong moment.