I Have Twelve Year Old Identical Twin Boys

My great grandmother had three sets of twins, identical boys, ferternal girls, and ferternal boy and girl. She is the luckiest person I know. While growing up my family believed that having twins skipped two generations and my aunts would tell us girls that one of us would have twins, I always believed that it was going to be me! When I met the man of my dreams we had a short courtship of only 6 months when I had an overwhelming inspiration saying Twins! I looked at my boyfriend and he looked at me asking if I had something to say, I wanted to tell him that we were going to have twins the problem was that I wasn't pregnant yet lol! That night we made love and I prayed with all of my mind begging God that. we would have twins. Seven weeks later I went in for my first ultrasound I was seven weeks pregnant with twins! The radiologist showed me the first baby while hiding the second one she showed me there's a little heart beat there then she magically lifted her hand and said there's another little heartbeat there. I nearly jumped off of the hospital bed to do my happy dance! I was so excited my prayer was answered!

Later that day I took my boyfriend out for a picnic and after we ate our lunch I handed him the ultrasound photo and asked him what he thought of it. He looked at it for a moment and simply said Twins! Then he said Twins then he said it again and again until it finally sank in and we embraced eachother with sheer joy.

During the begining of the pregnancy I felt as swift as a deer and lived my life out as normally as I could but by four months gestation I started bleeding and was put on bed rest. At four months I was comparable to a woman who was eight months pregnant in size. At six months pregnant I was bragging that I was as round as a beach ball and didn't have a single stretch mark, until a week after bragging they all showed up. They looked like eagle wings and I was actually proud of my mommy tattoos.

I went in every week for a biophysical profile aka ultrasound and the doctors discovered that the twins were suffering from twin to twin transfusion syndrome where one was hogging all of the nutrients so I had them delivered by 34 weeks gestation by c-section. Baby A weighed in at 3lbs 10oz and baby B weighed in at 4lbs 3oz. They were small but healthy and they stayed in the hospital for 18 days. They were Christmas babies and were in the newspaper and everything. They even swaddled them in little Christmas stalkings. They were so cute.

I was 17 years old when I had the twins, my boyfriend and I got engaged and I was adjusting to our little family. It was hard at first but we were able to afford a nanny for the first year to help me with feedings and for someone to do the night feedings but the nanny never rotated the babies and Coreys head fused abnormally so he had to wear a helmet for months he looked like my little Hockey player. When the twins got older they would take off their diapers and finger paint with doo doo all over the walls and carpet first thing in the morning and once a week I would have to steam clean their carpet in their bedroom. What a mess!

One of the things I like about twins is the uncanny coincidences. One day we took our identical twin boys out for lunch. They were about four years old and they both got stung by a bee on their cheek the day before and so they both had a swollen cheek and when we went for lunch they both tossed chocolate milk over their left shoulder they still looked identical for sure with swollen cheeks and chocolate milk over their left shoulders. Who would have thought that they'd both get stung for the first time on their cheeks at different times on the same day and both end up with swollen cheeks. The twins were our ring bearers at our wedding and they looked so handsome in their tuxedo with their blonde curly hair and sweet blue eyes. They were definately lookers.

Now the twins are 12 years old and so different, they like different hair cuts and Tyson is an air cadet while Corey would rather hang out at the library with friends. We have two other children since we started with twins, Nickolla is our seven year old daughter and princess and I thought that my family was complete when we had our youngest Orion who is now four, he looks just like the twins when they were that age and we call him the triplet. I absolutely love being a mother they have been such a blessing in my life.
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One of my aunt has two twin adult girls. They are bit weird.

What a great story---cracked up about doo doo painting lol.So this year is their 14th birthday??Hope all of your family is having a great life together---John B.

A lovely well written story, you were blessed with twins.

Thank you Kathryn they all have been such a blessing in our family.

We have identical 12 year old Twins as well. Snap :-)