I Am Expecting Twins This Summer

My husband and I were so excited to go to the first ultrasound to see what we were going to be having. Believe me one does not forget the moment that the woman performing the ultrasound looks at you with such seriousness and says "Did you know you are having twins?"
Its the most amazing feeling to feel these 2 little bodies inside growing each and every single day. I am in love with both of them already.
They arent 100% about the gender though. She thought that one is a girl and the other might be as well but she said she was not 100.
I am so tired of people telling me " its going to be so hard" "there goes your life" "your not going to like it" this and that.
I know! I know its not going to be the easiest thing that I have ever done but I am so ready. Well I know you cant be `100% ready but I have the faith inside me. Why would you not enjoy the pleasure x2!?
It will all be fine I know it.

I am just wondering what should I buy double? Swings, highchairs, cribs?? How many bottles does one need per baby? I mean I am breast feeding but I may need to supplement when I return to work...
Any Advice??
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First off, congratulations. I was never blessed with twins,But I am tripple blessed with 2 wonderful girls and a wonderful son as well. I always thought it would be fun to have twins too. When I was in my teens, I babysat for a 2 sets of twins. One was boys who were about 10. And the other 2 were baby girls. I loved it. So fun to dress them alike and double the fun. I have 3 children now and I believe that my girls have a good chance of having twins. If it skips a generation they should be in that generation. My Grandma was a twin on my dad's side and my mom had twin sisters. From my experience of a mother, I would say: You will probaby need two car seats, two swings, and two cribs. and double the clothes and diapers. I would hold off on the high-chairs until they are 4-6 months, and I would get a double seated stroller. Look on craigs list for things that are slightly uesd to save money. The Best advice I have ever recieved about being a mother is this: Remember that God chose you to be their mother. You need to trust your instincts, they won't fail you. You know from the beginning what is best for your babies. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I can tell at how excited you are, that you will be wonderful parents. Congratulations and Hugs

Thank you ladies. It feels great to have some support from someone else. I mean I have support but its the "itll be hard" kind. Thanks. <br />
Did you know the genders of your kids before you bought things in double?

I had access to very modern equipment, so at 13 weeks of pregnancy, I already knew they were baby boys. Anyway, when we bought expensive items, such as cribs and prams, we prefered the unisex colours, so they could be more useful in the future for another baby. We also had to bought premature clothes, since twins usually are premies or smaller at child birth.
I would suggest for you to wait till baby shower. Hopefully you'll get lots of presents!

Dont worry, people love to scare new mothers, specially when you are having twins. <br />
I bought all double, just as they suggested before. Ten bottles and a double pram.<br />
Mine are four now. I raised them by myself. I received very little help, and I feel great now. First year was the most difficult time, but now we sleep very well, they play together a lot and never get bored. It is great! I love to be a mother of twins!

I have three year old twins, boy girl, and I had to get two of everything sweetie. Swings, high chairs, bassinets, cribs, walkers, you name it. I had about 10 bottles that i went through everyday in between the two of them. I breast feed as well and my body didn't even produce enough so I had to supplement formula with the breast milk. I actually bought a breast pump, the hand held ones are annoying, and when I had to be away from them they still had the milk they needed. I would just change up every other bottle. Breast milk, formula, breast milk, formula...ect. Are you going to try to have them vaginally or by c-section? I had to have a c-section, which I dont regret at all, because one of my children's heads was bigger then the other and just so happens the one on the bottom could come out fine then the second one get stuck. Don't listen to what others are telling you. Of course it's going to be hard, what newborn isnt? But it is defenitely worth it and not to awful, especially if you have a great family whom are willing to help you out. At first you are going to be exhausted, i went through sleep deprivation because my husband at the time didn't help me at all, but you are going to have to remember to take care of yourself as well. Get plenty of sleep and stay off your feet so your body can heal properly. You will want to take charge and do everything you can, but you don't want your back and what not healing back the wrong way. Speaking from experience, my back gives me the biggest fit now. But, anyway, back to the subject. I know it can be overwhelming to think about and its natural to be scared of things that you don't know about. Go to the library and get some books on twins and what to expect. It helped me a lot to talk to other twin moms as well. Do your research! But, the most awesome part is you have twice the love that most mothers do. Don't listen to what anyone tells you, you will love it! And your life will never be the same, it will be sooo much better! Full, but defenitely better. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Watching them grow up together is amazing. You never have to worry about them not having a play mate and they actually learn from each other. Good luck and keep us posted!