Twin Girls And A Teenage Daughter My Story :d


First, let me say having twins was the hardest experience in my life. My girls were early with birthing complications, emergency C-section, 3&4 lbs, extended hospital stay, one released without the other and screamers with opposite schedules. Although I am thankful in every way for each of my children, having twins was CRAZY! I found out my double trouble ladies were in the oven when I was already 7months planning for a singleton. The surprise was the greatest news I heard due to my blood work levels being so high and the Drs. thinking 'my singleton was a risk baby'. Whew! No risk, healthy girls, identical angels and all was hard work until the both safely came home from the hospital, so I thought. Then the REAL work started with two beautiful screamers, up every 2&1/2 hours, double changing, double bathing, feeding, spit ups, burping, strollers, clothes and attention. The twins are best friends, feel each others needs or worries, have their own understanding, protect each other, love each other and can be very funny. My oldest daughter was in shock at 3 years old with two baby sisters and by the time the twins were able to voice their opinion at 3, all I could do was take a deep breath. My girls are extremely smart, independent, fussy and approaching a time of all 3 being teenagers. God give me strength :D Being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world but being a mother of multiples deserves a gold medal. I am happy to have joined this group and know others understand multiples are unique and amazing!

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I found out about my twins the same way. Blood work.<br />
What a wonderful surprise when they turned on the ultrasound and we saw those two round heads.<br />
<br />
Our twins are now 23 yrs.old. You will truly enjoy watching the dynamics of their relationship grow. And where does big sister fit into the equation?