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Hiya Everybody, I'm A 23 Year Old Single Mum Of Boy/Girl Twins They Will Be 1 In A Week So Were Very Excited About That. These Angels Are My First (& Last Children) People Often Say Oh I Bet There Hard Work, U Got Your Hands Full There Or My Favirout "How Do U Cope With Two" But Like I've Always Said I Don't Know What It's Like To Have One So It's The Norm To Me Lol I Am A Little Worried Though About How Little My Son Does Compared To My Daughter, I Know U Should Never Compare Because All Children Are Different And Do Things At There Own Pace But There Nearly One Now And While My Daughter Sits Up Straight Back Crawls Around Faster Than Your Eyes Can Mive, Pulls Herself Up On Things And Constantly Rambles & Sings The Most My Son Can Do Is Sit Up And Even Then His Back Is Slouched So After A Few Minutes He Falls Backwards Or Sideways. He Doesnt Really Say Much Either :( I Was Just Wondering If Anybody Else Had Twins And Found That One Developed A Lot Faster Than The Other, My Twins Were 5.8 & 6.6 At Birth MySon Being The Biggest And They Were Only 8 Days Early I Also Never Had Any Problems During My Pregnancy. I'm Just Hoping My Son Had A Bad Case Of Lazyitus. All Help & Advice Would Be Greatfully Recieved Thank You :)
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I have twins due in june, a toddler girl 3, and 4 stepsons aged 10-15. some days I feel like pulling my head off and other days Im happy and enjoy watching them play

I'm 23 and my twins just turned one in December. If you ever wanna chat, feel free to message me.

Hi MummysCherubs
I have twin boys and they developed differently like yours, Jack was near 1 when he could climb and walk alone, whereas James was four months on after Jack. James however smiled first and spoke first where Jack was quite serious for about months dont worry as long as they come along it doesnt really matter how fast or slow they are.

great job and all the best