We Have Non-biological "twins"

Hello! I am here to find support with other mothers who know what it's like to have two babies that are the same age. My husband and I were told after our second daughter that we wouldn't be able to have more children so we began a process of adoption. Adoption process took us several years. When we finally were matched with a stable birth mother, we found out we were expecting, and that our due dates were two weeks apart! Actually our "twins" were born less than two weeks apart because one came late and the other came early! Our babies (1 boy and 1 girl) are now just shy of 1 year old and has been the biggest blessing ever, but also I am utterly exhausted to be honest and wondering if life is ever going to feel "normal" again! We are loving our new little family to death, but life has been absolutely crazy this past year too, as I'm sure the rest of you on here understand! ;) Any advice about how you all handle your crazy and blessed life? :)
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Its a pleasure, just glad I can give support as Ive needed it many times with mine. Its amazing how much patience you seem to muster up with 2, just remember they are 2 totally different characters and they will develop at their own pace. I bet they are quite funny now and they will later have such cute togetherness.

Thank you for responding! It helps to know a little of what to expect and to know others are out there going through similar things and managing. :)

It is very hard the first couple of years, the hardest job ive done thats for sure. I have twin boys now 4 years old and I find that its just getting easier now. Your hard work will just slot into place but just enjoy it for as long as possible x