Makin' Babies. Yo!

It seems that I am an egg-splitting goddess.

I recently found out that my Mother's father was an identical twin.
My mother then had identical twin boys.
Now I have identical twin boys.

I have been doing some reading. It seems that identical twins are totally random...according to those genetic people. We are just an amazing group of women that have Hyperovulation. How cool is that? We have the power to split eggs. woot!

I want some smarty-pants to tell me, why we have all these identical male twins each generation???

Monozygotic Mom

Lilt Lilt
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.... And a very happy Mother's day to you, Lilty! ;-)

Me too! Well I'm a Dad to twin boys. :-)

It's fun, eh?
How old are they?

11. Never a dull moment. They fight like cats and dogs and also are best of friends almost equally. How old are yours? Did they compete at virtually everything?

I thought it was the job of the ***** to split the egg.... not the egg split on its own. Vs fraternal twins where two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperms.

Em, the ***** does not split the egg. The ***** just fertilizes the egg. The splitting part is totally random. A mystery. The woman\'s age and previous pregnancy can be a factor. They say genetics play no part. This is why I am so curious about the all the identical male twins in my family.

I tend to believe that genetics DO play a part, as twins tend to run in families.

Never had kids,I envy you!

Berangere, there are people who had some extra kids in your behalf. ;-)

Yes, good way of looking at it!

Im not a mother of twins, but I helped raise my twin brothers, they were a hand full!!!

Gypsy, I also have twin brothers. I always wondered what people with triplets do. You have two arms for holding two babies. :-)


all I know is my twin brothers were more then enough to care for, I don't wish that on any one. you need help if you have two kids at once. I -my self am a Irish twin. its a difficult situation to raise two babies simultaneously.

Got it! Attach baby to your back. Preferably, before you scoop up the other babies.

What IS with it with all the twin boys? I just think your ancesters secretly made a twin pack(t)

We are hoping our twin sons will boycott the pact and bring us some twin girls!

yes I think my parent kept trying to have at least one more girl but they ended up with 5 boys and one girl.

Too funny! I think those genetic "guru's" often have a difficult time seeing the forrest for the trees. I remember the few genetics courses I took were full of them.

Well I'm sure not gonna say nothin to argue. Sounds like there must be a gazillion of you.

Now we know where all the missing socks go.

Kinda figures I would be popping out pairs of babies, eh?

Since reading your comment I've had Zep's Little Dyermaker stuck in my ear ... but of course it's Little Babymaker now

I am done makin' babies, hillbilly. My youngest baby is now a Zeppelin fan!

Well you could still do demonstrations or simulations, right?

Yep, good taste in tunes...just like his Momma.
Hlpflwthat...that is just weird. Demos of labor. I am sure there is group for that, you should join.

Ahhh. Sorry ... we weren't at ALL on the same page, soxy. I was thinkin MAKIN ... you were thinkin deliverin, I presume. I've never considered makin to be labor at all. =)

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