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I am a mom to be, carrying and waiting on two little girls! This is my first experience being pregnant and i am 21 weeks as of 1-13-13. It's been a wild and amazing ride so far with lots to go. I am waiting until my baby shower to do a big shopping, since ill need two of everything! Also i am new to this site and would love input from anyone with help, advice or just great stories! My dilemma now is i'm having a hard time picking out reliable, actually going to use, products for twins. #1 first on the list is car seats that are certified for twins. I can look it up on the internet but all i get is a lot of accessories. I can't find low weight (under 4 pounds) car seats easily on the internet or where i live. I would love to find a stroller that is double plus can fit infant twin certified car seats plus also be used for twin toddlers. I have found a couple but none say how heavy the car seat itself is, it always says how much it can hold. And of coarse i am on a budget, so under 400 $ is not working in my favor. What do I do? !!!! Anyone please help just need a brand name or a point in the right direction! LOL :)
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Cosco seems to be the place to go for budget baby totage (think I just invented a new word.) By now you should be either delivered or close of your two boys. I am the brother and husband of twins (No, I didn't marry my sister. It just so happens...) , and trust me it can be a challenge!

Hiya, Firstly congratualtions on the news of your twins ~ how lovely! I am from England so I am not sure on this pram but I started with the "Icandy Pear" it has carrycots and car seats but you can just buy the pram. It was ideal for my two from birth but it was expensive. I guess with 2 though that it is the normal. Could you join sites that is good secondhand? We have "facebook cheap shop" and the likes, hope you get sorted and will look forward to further stories of your little bundles.
Good Luck x